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Experiences can make you leap

“Hey, HoneyPotter! I have something to ask!” A call from one of my colleague said. He is a member of JCI, Junior Chamber International.

In the JCI, people whose ages are from twenty or over to under fourty organize several committees and hold meetings every month so that they become skilled, experienced and diligent persons. As I introduced to you before, I was often asked to join in such meetings from my colleague.

This time was a speech.

“We’re going to discuss satisfaction for eight subjects in the meeting, which is called ‘8S.’ Customers Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Family Satisfaction, etc…by checking our own these eight letters of ‘S’, we can find our improvable points of our companies. I’d like you to participate in the meeting and make a speech about your ‘8S.'” That was what he asked me to do.

He gave me some information about the meeting in advance and also added one condition on his request. “Get other members to be surprised with your speech. Let them know, ‘that’s my great colleague, HoneyPotter.’ You often stand on the podium and answer a lot of questions for your clients, right? Piece of cake for you.” He always expects a lot of things about everything from me:D Also he is good at encouraging me:D “Ummm…what I always do in front of my clients is an explation, not a speech. But sounds interesting. O.K. I’ll do it for you.” I asked.

Thanks to his instructions in advance, I could prepare for the speech. During the meeting, I re-checked what I tried to speak as I watched several films which help me improve my own speech.

‘Customers Satisfaction’ and ‘Employees Satisfaction’ were my theme on the speech. As you know, absorbing a ton of knowledge and expressing it clearly and understandably for my clients are my critical points on my job. What we call, absorbing is “purchase” for me, expressing is “sale.” This time, I focused on “expressing” in my speech.

I’ve been thinking “How should I improve my talk?”, not only in English but also in Japanese. In Japan, most of people don’t think about verbal skill as the skill. It shows that we didn’t have much opportunities to practise “speak”, “discuss”, “debate” or “explain” when we were in school. People might think it’s not worth trying to do.

However, I can’t go through my tasks with such thoughts. When you talk with your colleagues, you can use technical words while talking. But when you face your customers, you change your words more ordinary or understandably, right? Besides, you’re required ‘how well your customers can understand’, right? By polishing our verbal skill, I believe my customers can get their satisfaction. That’s what I wanted to talk in the speech.

The speech seemed to go well. After the meeting, my colleague mailed me, which said ‘Good job.’

I always think that I could also go well when using English 😀

By the way, after posting this journal and reply to comments, I’m going to leave Japan. My four days’ travel. I’d like you to hope my safety trip.

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  1. March 19, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Practice making English speeches in the mirror.

    May God grant you safety on your journey. 🙂

    Have fun.

    • honeypotter
      March 24, 2010 at 5:21 pm

      Hi, girlgeum! I’m back 😀

      Fortunately, I didn’t have any accident. It was so fun! I’ll post a journal about my travel tonight. Please don’t miss it. 😀

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