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With my own words, my adventure became more exciting…the third day of my travel Vol.2

“Ummm…what should I do from now?” was what I thought when I was back to the hotel. Flipping through the guidebook, I tried to figure out where I should visit.

“Oh, LRT…Light Rail Transit…yeah, I think I should get on this. O.K. So…where should I go? Shopping malls sound nice. Glorietta…Robinson’s… I have to take a bus to go to Glorietta, not only by trains, I can visit Robinson’s. Trains would be better.” Both of Glorietta and Robinson’s were circling in brain. Robinson’s was where I decided to go.

I packed my belongings into my shoulder bag and left the hotel. “Mr. Where are you going, sir?” a young staff talked to me. “I’m going to Robinson’s. Which the entrance should I go?” asked I. LRT has each entrance for each direction, so you should choose which entrance before you get on a train. “Over there, sir. Hey, Mr. put your bag in front of you, not your back. Be careful with pickpockets.” saying like that, he pointed out the entrance across the street.

Before I talk about my adventure, please make sure the names of the locations which I use in this journal.


Robinson’s was the final destination on this adventure. Pedro Gill was the station which I was going to get off. Gill Puyat was the station next to the hotel I stayed at. Baclaran was where my friends told me not to go because it’s quite dangerous. Glorietta was also a big shopping mall, and this time, I gave up to go there.

There were guards in front of each entrance of the train and they checked passenger’s bag and their back in order for them not to bring dangerous things, such as a gun. Being checked, I asked them if this line was the right direction for Robinson’s.

I don’t know why… I said, “Is it the right direction for GLORIETTA?” The guards said “GLORIETTA? A shopping mall?” in order to confirm what I asked. “Yes, Glorietta.” said I. “If you really want to go to Glorietta. You have to go to the other platform. Over there.” said the guards.

With their words, I crossed the roads again and asked the other guards checking as well in front of the other entrance. “Right direction for Glorietta?” “Yes.” The guards and I had a conversation like that.

The platform was a little bit dark. There are women-only trains as well as in Japan.

As you can see from the first picture above, you can see the right side is east and the left side is west when you get the right train for ROBINSON’s. After a while I got on the train, I noticed a strange thing. “It’s already afternoon. The sun rises from east and falls down to west. I can see the sun on the RIGHT window, not the LEFT. If I were on the right direction, I could see the sun on the LEFT window, not the RIGHT. Looks strange…” The information from the train told me I was wrong. “The next station is Baclaran…”

Baclaran!!! Yeah, actually, I wanted to go to the Baclaran church. “The Baclaran church is a good place. But this time, don’t go there. You have to go through the Baclaran market. There are a ton of pickpockets. It’s quite dangerous for the Japanese.” I remembered the advice from my friend.

I could only take a picture of the market from the stairs of the station. Look at this crowded market.

Incidentally, you can reach 4th station with 12 pesos. Before you enter entrances, you have to buy this card.

I bought a new ticket(correctly speaking, a card. I’ll introduce the card above) and got ride on the opposite train. Ofcourse I made sure I could see the sun on the LEFT side… lol

I got out of the train at the Pedro Gill station. The Taft Ave is the street running under the train. Take a look at the picture. You can see a tiny signal showing ‘red.’ However, people tried to cross the street. I expressed at the previous journal like this; “They threaded between cars.” Maybe I should say, “Cars stop and go between walkers.” lol

Too dangerous to cross the street anymore. I took a picture in the middle of the street. Other people tried to jaywalk even in this situation.

I asked a girl selling something at the corner on the street where Robinson’s was so that I had no mistake anymore. But I had another mistake. “Execuse me, is it the right direction for GLORIETTA?” asked I.

The lady show her strange face. I first thought my pronunciations were wrong. I changed my expressions and asked her again. “A shopping mall. I’d like to go to the mall. Is it over there?” With my words, she showed her oh-I-got-it-you-just-misundersood face and said, “Yes, over there.” “Thanks you.” I said it to her and left her. “Glorietta!” I heard she said from my back. I didn’t know why she said it at the moment.

A few minutes later, I understood why she said when I left. The sign saying “Robinson’s place” made me laugh. I always said “Glorietta”, not “Robinson.” Yes, the staff of the hotel was right, all the guards were right, I was the one who was wrong. They always provided the right answer for my wrong question… lol

Shopping malls in the Philippines are so big. For example, SM Mall of Asia is the third biggest mall in the world. Robinson’s was also big and so beautiful. It was so big that I could hardly see all the shops.

Buying CDs was one of my purposes of my travel. I often sing Philippines’ songs at karaoke. I wanted the CDs. These CDs were my souvenirs.

These songs are included in those CDs.
Christian Bautista -The Way You Look At Me-

Toni Gonzaga -Catch Me, I’m Fallin’-

Sarah Geronimo -How Could You Say You Love Me-

Unfortunately, I could not find this song… Next time, I’ll get it.
Toni Gonzaga -We Belong-

A female clerk saw me I’m Japanse and said “irasshaimase(closely means, “May I help you?”)” when I entered the CD shop. “I’m looking for several songs…” said I in English. “What songs?” said she. “I forgot the titles… the melodies are like this…” saying it, I whispered the songs. “Oh, yes, Toni Gonzaga! Sarah Geronimo!” she…I mean…they…all the clerks started singing! That’s so funny. Ofcourse, I was also singing together… lol

After the CD shop, I dropped by a book shop and bought this. Recently, I’ve read books of Dan Brown. I just want to know an opinion for him in another way.

I dropped by a coffee shop because I wanted to take a rest and smoke. I was surprised that people in the smoking area were several couples. Each couple was respectively the Japanese and Philippinas. Well, honestly, I didn’t mind them. There are demands and supplies. One Japanese looked so old and the girl in front of him were so young. Surprisingly, there’s no words, no conversations between them while I was staying there. “They…they…really enjoy their time?” I couldn’t help thinking it.

Me? Ofcourse I was reading a book ALONE…and I had a happy adventure…hehehe

I couldn’t help laughing at myself when I was back to the Gill Puyat station. Take a look at the picture. It said “TO BACLARAN”! I could have found the sign before I got the wrong train…I would have had no mistake… lol

“Good to see you again. No accidents?” the young staff to the hotel said to me delightedly. “Yeah, I had several mistakes, though, I was excited with my adventure.” said I. “Great. Mr. It might be the last night for Philippine?” said he. “Sadly, yes. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. So amazing here.” said I. “Next time, I would like to introduce more exciting places to you.” said he. “Oh, please do.” said I.

I got back to my room and dropped by an internet cafe in order to say “I’m alive” to my friends in Japan. This is the internet cafe I dropped by.

The last night in the Philippines went well…except the card key of my room not working… lol

Finally, the last day of my travel.

To be continued.

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  1. April 23, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Maybe you really wanted to go to Glorietta.

    Your trip is still fresh in your memory.

    They had no time to talk while smoking, they were busy enjoying their poison, I mean smoke from their cigarettes.

    Yeah, I read about those female only trains in Japan. It’s there in the Philippines too.

    I love the first song by Christian Bautista, I’m going to look him up.

    They really looked out for you, the people at the hotel. Did you do a walking tour?

    And so did your friends that you wrote back home to say that you were still alive.

    Personally I don’t care much for what Dan Brown has to say.

    Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    • honeypotter
      April 25, 2010 at 12:24 am

      Hello, girlgeum, how’s your weekend? Me, I have no weekend. I’ve just finished taking a bath. 😀

      Yes, maybe I wanted to go to Glorietta. Sounds like a name of a lady. On the contrary, Robinsson’s…has a taste of male. Sorry, it’s just a joke. 😀

      Oh, I’m glad that you like the song of Christian Bautista. He’s nice. I often sing the song at karaoke.

      All the staff of the hotel were so nice and had their hospitalities. I tried to talk to them as much as possilbe. Thanks to English, I could communicate with them more than in Japanese.

      After I came back to Japan, I called my friend and told this topic to him. Unfotunately, he can’t talk neither English nor Tagalog. That’s why he always needs with someone while he’s in the Philippines. “It’s an amazing experience for the beginner.” was what he said to me.

      Oh, Dan Brown. I’m afraid I can’t tell at all what the Christianity is all about. Now I can’t tell if his ideas would be good or not so. I have a lot of things to learn. 😀

  2. April 26, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Glorietta sounds majestic, yes, and the name of a lady. 🙂

    • honeypotter
      April 27, 2010 at 8:51 am

      You think so? That’s why I had the mistake. 😀 I guess she attracted me with her name. 😀

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