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I had one thing I should do…the last day of my travel

This is my last day in the Philippines.

I already packed my bag at the previous day. Having breakfast and checking out were what I should do at the last day.

In order to catch my flight, I had to leave the hotel at least 10:30 because traffic jam often happened around the airport. I woke up at 8 o’clock. I had enough time to do something.

I had been thinking about one thing since I arrived at the hotel. There was a strange but attractive sign nearby hotel. Every time I passed through it, it drew my attention. Always “what is it? It looks so funny” was in my mind.

The sign was in the backstreet of the hotel. Stores around the sign looked dark and I felt I should not close there alone. However, I had wanted to know what it was. At the last day, I decided to close and take a photograph of it.

I asked the staff, who often talked to me, to be with you. “Hey, Mr. You’re leaving this morning, aren’t you? Oh, you want me to go somewhere with you? Where? Over there?” said he brightly. We walked toward the sign. “This is it. I wanted to take a photograph. By the way, what is it?” said I. “This is the sign of a love motel. Love hotel in Japanese? This is a famous motel chain.” said he.

Yes, I could hardly see it overall, but I had understood what he said. Yeah, a love motel.

I do like this sign. So funny but cute, isn’t it?

I just imagined a person and a Japanese comic character when I first saw it.

One is Sonoko Suzuki, who was a president of a cosmetic company. Unfortunately, she already passed away.

And the other is Seiichirou Kitano, who is a main character of a comic “Angel Densetsu(the legend of the angel).” He as a matter of fact has his kind heart, though, his face are so devilish and frightful that people around him treat him as a devil or a servant of devils.

“Mr. Do you like it? You’re so funny. You want to stay in this motel? With whom?” smiled he. “No. I just… I just like the sign. Besides, I like your hotel. I’ll stay in your hotel again.” said I.

Before I got out of the room, I turned around and looked around the room. “Just four days…but it was exciting. Thank you.” whispered I.

“Mr. When are you going to come back here?” said the staff. “Umm… I don’t know when…maybe July or August?” said I.
“O.K. I’ll keep working. Sorry if I got laid off.” chuckled he.

It’s not a joke for them. In Japan, companies have 14 days for labors’ probation period. After 14 days, companies can’t get laid off them easily. But in the Philippines, the probation period is six months. During the period, employers can have labors work with cheaper salaries, and they can say “you’re fired” to employees at the last time, last minute. Due to this damn rule, like a slash and burn shifting cultivation, workforce can hardly grow in the Philippines. This is one of problems of the Philippines.

Fortunately, there was no heavy traffic around the airport. I just arrived at the airport at 11:00. I dropped by a coffee shop and spent my time until the time had come.

It was so hot to be outside.

I took a photo while waiting.

There are many Japanese waiting as well. What they were talking about what they did made me blue. Ofcourse I’m also male, so I know how they feel. However, I thought we should consider TPO when we talk about such topics. Plus, making such topics as smartly or abstractly as possible is a manner in public. Like “seduce” is not a proper word after the carnivals finished.

Four hours later, I got back to Japan. “Wow, no smells…” was the first impression at the airport in Japan. I had a wonderful time in the Philippines. “I shall return” by Douglas MacArthur, or “I’ll be back” by Arnold Schwarzenegger… these phrases is what I’ve thinking since I got back to Japan.

  1. April 30, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Yes it does look like a Japanese manga character. It also has an aristocratic feel to it.

    Sometimes you can get an empty feeling when leaving, especially if you enjoyed yourself.

    Some conversations aren’t meant for public ears.

    The workers issue happens here too, and it depends on a business how long the probation period can be. And yes, at the end, they can say you’re fired. Travails exist all over, similar.

    Yes, I think you will be back. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

    • honeypotter
      May 4, 2010 at 4:52 am

      Hi, girlgeum, how are you?

      Even though people enjoy their Golden Week, me, I have my typical and ordinary life. 😀

      Yes, looking through the window on the airplane, I felt something empty, like you said. But now, I’m planning to go again, like you said. 😀

      I’ve learned a new word from you. “travail” I hope there’s no travails during my next flight.

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