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His clapping turned me on

June 1, 2010 2 comments

My younger sister and her kid came to my house last weekend.

She used to enjoy learning English and stay in Australia for a short time when she was a high school student. She also went to America for half year at age of 20. Starbucks Coffee turned her on when she was in America. She started working at Starbucks Coffee in Japan after she came back.

I didn’t think she got married to anyone. “I love being alone. He’s not that dependable,” although she had went out with her ex-boyfriend, she didn’t felt like being married. She was promoted to a manager and kept working hard. But things have changed. She met the one. Her husband.

I’m not sure whether she wants her kid to learn English or she herself wants to enjoy English, however, she bought very expensive CDs and DVDs for her kid through which he can enjoy singing English songs or dancing.

That was surprising for me. I definitely didn’t think she was so obsessive about education. Anyway, every time the kid comes to my house, she brings some of CDs or DVDs. I can obtain new words which I usually can’t get.

“Hey, Oni-san(the way to call elder brothers in Japan with much respect…lol), my kid can clap his hands when we give the cue. Look at him. Hey, baby…clap your hands.”

This a year-old kid started clapping his hands, saying “mom.” “Isn’t it great?! I’m so pround of him,” said she. In Japan, the mother like her, we call kyouiku-mama(mother obsessed with education).

I didn’t know if it’s amazing or not, but I was flattering his achievement for the peace of our house.

I sang jingles in DVDs and the kid looked at me strangely as if I was an alien or something. My sister told me her husband didn’t sing like me, so it’s the first time for her kid to hear English songs by men.

“Hey, our prince, clap your hands,” with my words, the kid started clapping his hands again. What a cute kid!

However, my peaceful time didn’t last so long. He got bored soon and attracted to figures moving on TV or something popped out like buttons or knobs around him.

He tapped the screen on TV, reacting characters of DVD. I called him again and again behind his back.

Please turn around! Look at me! I felt like as if I was a teenage girl who was in love with a cool boy.

He got interested in dolls and knobs. The dolls beat me.

Our dog got jealous with him again.

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