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Every little thing in my ordinary life 20

June 9, 2010 2 comments

my konkatsu front is so painful
There has recently been a new word in Japan, regarding activities for looking for Mr./Mrs.Right. It’s called konkatsu. Many young or middle-aged men in Japan rush to cooking class when questionnaires say that women love a man who can cook very well. That is one of activities of konkatsu. What we call, men try to acquire something in order to get higher status or attract women.

Many people advise me to do such efforts. Piss me off! But I often use the word konkatsu so that I make someone laugh. Today, I used it.

Unfortunately, I have a skin disease. I am an atopic person. Thanks to advanced but traditional eastern medicine, it’s quite difficult to let you recognize I’m suffering itchiness or so. My former ointment, steroid, has corroded my skin, especially the color of my face. Extremely strong steroid ointment has reddend my face.

Most of my friends, especially friends from other countries, tell me that I don’t need to care. On the contrary, many Japanese often chuckle me and say, “What happened to you? You played golf yesterday? So sunburned!” or “You’ve already drunk?.” Give me a break.

Last year, I decided to have a laser treatment at a clinic. It’s so expensive and…painful. Everytime the doctor shot the laser, I smelled my skin burned.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor. The second time for the laser treatment. It was also…terrible. Although the doctor covered my eyes with something like sunglasses to prevent my eyes from lightning, I could see something sparking when the doctor lasered my skin.

One of nurses was with me while I had the treatment. She was quite talkative, found the badge on the coller of my suit, and started talking about qualifications she wants to get. During the small talk, she asked me why I decided to have the treatment. I just said, “For my konkatsu. The market value on me is falling down, down, down.” “You’re kidding.” she was flattering.

The treatment was like the hell.

so thick
Do you know Charles A. Lindbergh? He was a famous pirot and you might know him as the first man flying over the Atlantic ocean without any landing in the middle of his flight. He also observed the second World War. “The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh” was written his experiences at war. There must be two aspects at war and we can’t judge which is right. In Japan, teachers have taught us “Japan chose a bad dicision,” “Japanese soldiers massacred civilians,” etc. The book by Lindbergh, on the contrary, described how American soldiers did to Japanese soldiers in the theater. I just wanted to read it.

Before I ordered the book, I didn’t imagine how much the volume of the book was. I was just surprised at the book itself. Please take a look at this picture. You can smell an old and typical book.

I was astonished at this. This book came from school. Many students probably read this book. How did they feel?

I have a banch of books which I already bought but I haven’t read yet. So I don’t know when I start reading this book. I hope it’ll be soon. But I have concern, which the book is so thick and big that it’s hard and inconvenient to carry.

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