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Every little thing in my ordinary life 21

June 21, 2010 2 comments

freezed man
I was supposed to write a journal about my travel in Tokyo, especially Yasukuni shrine, but I’ve been quite busy. I’ll show you several photographs which I took.

He is conjured by someone and petrified. I just left a map at the hotel, which indicated the place I was going to have dinner. Thanks to the Internet and internet cafe, we can check our mail even though we are outside. I dropped by an internet cafe to read mail in which my master showed me the name of the restaurant and where it was.

I saw him attracting pedestorians on the street neaby station. At first, I didn’t know what he was doing at all. I gazed him for a while. He seemed he didn’t even take a breath. Good performing.

No such gates in Nagoya
Before I went to the grave of the Emperors in Tokyo, I checked in the hotel. On the way to the hotel, I got on the subway. I was suprised at gates. Here it is.

I don’t know what’s exactly for. For passengers’ security? The gate was opened simultaneously when trains arrived and their doors was opened. I guess the gates are set in order for passengers’ not to fall in spaces between platforms and trains. There are no such gates in Nagoya.

They were so rare for me that I just wanted to take a photo. However I knew taking such a photo totally showed I was a hick. I just felt embarrassed a little that I held up my camera in front of people getting on and off the train. I just waited for people were gone. lol

A bowl to savor the smell, not a glass
My master, my friends and I went to a cafe in Tokyo after dinner. The staff at the cafe served genuine coffee to us. I ordered a glass of iced coffee. “Here it is,” I was astonished at the bowl and joked the staff gently. “Um…The glasses for iced coffee are out?” The staff smiled at me and said, “No, sir. We would like you to smell our coffee with wide mouthed things, like a bowl. We’re glad that you would enjoy smelling before drinking.”

The staff explained two containers of milk. One is the milk of vegetable origin and the other is animal one. “You can be sure which is which with the size of containers.” smiled the staff again.

A few minutes later, my friend and I were not sure which was which. lol

I need kimono
I wonder…if I said I used to play shamisen, one of traditional music instruments in Japan. I played shamisen in the hall as a member of a consort when I was a high school student. My grandmother bought me a bright purple-colored kimono at that time.

I have a plan for an event which is going to be held in a few months. I think I need the kimono. I asked my mother and grandmother where it was. They told me cooly that they threw it away. Oh, my Gosh. I just told them why I needed the kimono, then my mother suggested that I should use my father’s one. Great.

I have to prepare for the event.

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