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Every little thing in my ordinary life 23

June 29, 2010 5 comments

Back Ground Movies
As I wrote in my previous article, I’ve recently been busy. However, I can enjoy watching, I mean, listening to movies while studying.

I’ll introduce one movie to you. This time, “You’ve Got Mail.”

Kathleen Kelly, Meg Ryan acted, was a single and beautiful woman who ran her own book store “Shop Around the Corner.” She’d been told by her mother it’s important not only to sell books to children but also to let them know what the worth was through reading. Joe Fox, Tom Hanks acted, on the contrary, had been expanding his book business without such a educational concept. He planned to build his outlet right in front of Kathleen’s store.

Kathleen and Joe had started conflicting for each survival. But they had their different lives and names. Ironically, they’d already known each other and kept in touch with each other…on the Internet. “You’ve got mail” was their precious phrase which could make them relieved and relaxed when they got exhausted with their each tough lives. Each other only knew each names on the net. One day, Joe had finally known who his correspondent was. He also did know she was an enemy on his business but start finding her talents and thoughts for book. Her passion for book could make children engrossed.

Joe’s huge capital resulted in his victory and took up her store, though, he tried to build a new relationship with Kathleen and tried to combine himself in real and himself on the Internet. Did the phrase “You’ve got mail” bring a happy ending to two of them?

It’s already taken over ten years since I saw this movie. The sound when they signed in on the Internet in the movie exuded nostalgia. I believe many people in Japan were inspired by this movie and selected their ring tones of their cellphones, “You’ve got mail.” So did I.

Kathleen and Joe couldn’t end in happiness in the original, I guess. I also felt it would be quite difficult if I were Kathleen. What if the man standing in front of me with whom you’re dying to meet is your ex-enemy? Ummm…it’s quite complicated.

Incidentally, my younger sister got crazy for Starbucks coffee after she watched this movie, and she started working.

Assembly season was over
I had two grand assemblies last weekend, one of which was so tough. There are a lot of demanding members of one of associations throwing a bunch of difficult questions based on disbelief for the board. The fiscal reports had been certified by their audit and basically it’s no need to be adopted as a bill. Nevertheless, they kept questioning. It’s ofcourse necessary to ask and keep track on what the board paid the money for, however, it’s also crucial to be understanding for how the board has been struggling. Anyway, all the bills on the assembly were passed in the end. Ofcourse my contract has been extended.

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