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Every little thing in my ordinary life 24

July 3, 2010 2 comments

Tokyo again
I’m writing this journal on the way to Tokyo (I will update this when I arrive at the hotel). I don’t know what will happen in this trip. I’m so thrilled.

It’s quite laborious to write a long topic in English with my cellphone, by the way.

No chance to watch?
Now you can watch the latest zombie movie, “The Survival of The Dead” at theater.(Maybe I have a mistake for the title)

I’m dying to watch it, but unfortunately there’s no time. One of my friends refused my asking because the movie looks so scary. Ummm, I should go to the theater alone? I don’t know if I’ll be able to get such time.

kimono has a lot of types
One of my friends, who makes up her clients and gets them to dress kimono.

She has recieved one of clients’ request, which is to go to N.Y. and make up. At her previous task in America, she was in trouble at the airport and has wanted to speak English more smoothly since she was. In addition, she thinks it would be great to explain a lot of things about kimono to her foreign clients. We’re now preparing for those explanations.

I know I don’t have such knowledge on kimono. Before I translate technical words on kimono, I must learn what exactly they are from her. Who is a teacher?

By the way, I’ll reply to your comments when I’m back home. Sorry about that.

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