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Every little thing in my ordinary life 25

July 29, 2010 2 comments

Long time no see
I’m sooooooooooo sorryyyyyyyyyyy. It’s been a long time to write an article in this blog. I had tough days, actually. Now the rain has stopped, the sun is rising. I guess the disaster has passed by.

Missing dreams
You know I often describe my dreams in this blog like a novel. I just want to be able to write as many articles as I can. Besides, it tends to be an absolute diary when I adopt “I… I… I…” By standing on the side of the third person and writing, I hope I can acquire another way to express in English. That’s why I have been describing my dreams.

I had a few funny and interesting dreams for the last two weeks. But sadly, I just forgot them. Ummm…where are my missing dreams? I have only a few pieces of them. I just stood at the top floor and was holding a machine gun in my hand. Screams are getting closer from the lower floor. They are zombies’. That was what I dreamed while sleeping. But I forgot the story in detail!

I just want to tell, but I can’t do it for now
I joined one workshop two weeks ago, in which I could learn something in English. It was so fantastic and amazing. I just want to tell you what happened in the workshop and what I learned there. However, I can’t tell it for now. I’m going to introduce it to you in the middle of August. Please don’t miss it.

The teacher at the workshop, who is Canadian, advised us that we had to focus on intonations(or stress), not pronuciations. Now that people all over the world speak English in many different ways to pronounce. You can show your feelings by stressing your intonations clearly. And the contents of the workshop could help me understand them very much.

Besides, I can let you know the punch line unless I emphasize my intonations. That’s just what I can tell you right now. lol

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