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Japanese traditional clothes

July 31, 2010 4 comments

Now that many Japanese, especially the adult, don’t have chances to put on yukata, which is one of kimono, in their ordinary life so much. On the contrary, the young often prefer to put on yukata when they have a date, such as the one at the displays of fireworks.

Me, I don’t have any yukata, I mean I used to, but as I wrote before, I need the one. My mother told me that I could put on my father’s one and she brought several yukata from the drawer. Ummm…I can smell something mingled clothes itself and insect repellents. The father’s yukata had kept in the drawer for over twenty years without being used. That’s the secret of the smell. lol

Actually, we have proper and traditional ways to put on kimono and many Japanese these days don’t know how to put it on. There are many classes to teach how to put on kimono in Japan. We call such classes kitsuke kyoushitu. kitsuke means “how to put on kimono” and kyoushitu does “class.”

I have a student who wants to learn English from me and she is a beautician. She also teaches how to put on kimono. I just asked her to help me with kimono.

“Ummm… We have a problem.” said she, looking over the kimono my mother brought. It was old that something yellow stained around the neck. “I think you should go to the cleaners. And…I wonder if it would fit you. Just try it on.” said she.

Oh…I have longer legs than my father’s. I should thank my parents for my figure. lol The length of father’s yukata was quite short that I definitely looked like the famous character of the Japanese legendary comedy manga, BAKABON.

It’s him.

I just imagined myself like this. Ummm…Idealism and realism are never the same. I think I must know myself. lol

Ummm… I think I should buy the new one.

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