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Convert your frustration into your power

August 13, 2010 4 comments

Some English learners in Japan seek chances to talk with foreginers who can speak English. Some people go to English conversation schools, some people go to ones on the Internet. Teachers there always smile at you because they have to entertain you as professional teachers. Being enjoyable is one of the most important secrets that people learn something, I know. However, I think your frustration can also become the ones of the lights indicating the road ahead of you.

Everybody does not always keep smiling. Everyone does not always tranquilize you. Sometimes people can get irritated or angry with a tidbit of thing. Maybe you become the one who might make someone exasperated. Of course I might do the one, either. Maybe you have to stand in front of someone malicious and must fight against them with your shabby English skills. Maybe you can’t let any words throw toward them. You must feel the frustration from your bottom of your heart at that time. So, do I. I always think that’s the chance to improve my own skills to express what I think or how I feel deeply.

Luckily, I had several friends who came from other countries. I gained a lot of chances to know there are big differences on a lot of things between their styles and mine. I sometimes talked with each other, discussed, argued with each other, retorted, and raged. Naturally, they did to me as well. However, as long as you keep holding other’s one hand and something violent never happenes, I believe it would be no problem even though such situations occur. Thanks to such fights, I could understand what made the person got angry or how the person felt. And I knew the differences, which were even such trivial things, betweeen us. Now that I have friends who come to this blog and leave their comments. I have a lot of things to communicate with you all and always feel frustrated because I can’t say what I want to say fluently. Such feelings can help me improve my English.

Ask yourself what you really want to say to someone in English, and in order to express it, you can know which way to go, what to say and what you should learn from a lot of things, such as textbooks.

Don’t be afraid.

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