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She is an enemy? Or not?

August 14, 2010 6 comments

Last Thursday, I went watching a movie, “Salt.”

There was a lady who was tortured under suspicion of a spy in North Korea. Her name was Evelyn Salt(Angelina Jolie). With her boyfriend’s help, she was released. Salt and her boyfriend got married after the tragedy. Her boyfriend understood what she was and married her. She was an actual spy working for CIA.

Two years later, one man came to her office when she was about to leave her office for her marriage anniversary dinner. His name was Orlov, a Russian. “A Russian agent is going to kill the President of Russia. The agent’s name was Evelyn Salt.” The very first concern for her was her husband but someone already took him. With Orlov’s confession, Salt had to flee from her colleagues as she had to manage her missions. What are these missions for her? Who is she?

“INCEPTION” was quite difficult to understand the flow of the story. By contrast, this movie “Salt” was easy, rhythmical. Angelina Jolie is gorgeous but good for action movies, such as “TUMB RAIDER” and “Mr.& Mrs. Smith.” This movie will be in a line of her pronouns as well. It would be good for you when you enjoy a movie without thinking deeply.

Unfortunately, the story was so simple and traditional for action movies that I could understand what would happen next.

By the way, the advance of techniques has now reached one imagination which you can check with something like MRI if suspects tell the truth. You used to check it from suspects’ pulse through the instruments pinching their fingers.

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