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Every little thing in my ordinary life 26

Two days in yukata
I wrote about yukata, one casual type of kimono, at my article before. My student knows how to wear yukata. Thanks to her exact instructions, I can now put on yukata alone.

Last week, I was out, fooling around with yukata. Fortunately, there were a lot of displays of fireworks. So I looked natural even though I was at a restaurant.

At first, I felt something strange as I was walking. Wearing yukata or kimono is like you wrap yourself in cloth and gird yourself with another cloth like a belt. That made me walk hardly. I just understood how women feel while putting on their skirt.

I’ll put on yukata in this weekend again and show someone something.

I hope she makes it
I have a student, who is going to America next week. Although she is an independent and reputable beautician and many people admire her skills, she is not so good at English on the contrary. That’s why I teach her.

However, there is one problem on English classes. I definitely don’t know technical words on cosmetics. First, I learned such technical words, such as mascara, curling tongs and what she wanted to tell models in Japanese. After that, I checked them on the Internet and learned them from YouTube.

I prepared for a class learning how to make up and played a role as a model in the class. Ummm…it’s pretty difficult. lol

A lot of things to write
At the beginning of this month, I went to Tokyo. Meiji jingu shrine was one of places I visited. I’m trying to have an opportunity to write about the shrine. I’m wondering if I will be able to do it within this week.

Everytime I feel something when I go to Tokyo. It means that prices of commodities are higher than the ones in my region. And people in Tokyo walk too much. What a healthy life they have! I think I should walk.

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