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Jackie becomes Obi-Wan in the movie

August 31, 2010 14 comments

Being busy currently made me crazy, so I just wanted to relax by watching an action movie. ‘The Karate Kid’ was what I chose.

‘I hate this place!’ was what Dre Parker(Jaden Smith) felt from the bottom of his heart. He moved to China because her mother was transfered. His new life at first seemed exciting, however, his comical dance in front of a girl, Meiying(Wenwen Han), made a naughty boy, Cheng(Zhenwei Wang), stimulate. Cheng was a strong karate fighter. Since the first fight with Cheng, Dre’s life in China became blue.

Because of Dre’s tiny revenge, Cheng and his gangs surrounded Dre at the corner of the street. Cheng hit Dre on his face with strong fists, and kicked Dre on his stomach with strong legs. Suddenly, one hand grabbed Cheng’s hand tightly. It was Mr.Han’s(Jackie Chan), who was a caretaker of Dre’s apartment. He dodged Cheng and gang’s attacks like a butterfly, and finally knocked them down without Han’s own attacks. Dre was stunned and amazed with Han’s beautiful move, and asked him to teach kung hu.

Mr.Han refused his request, but grudgingly went together to the gym where Cheng trained so that he explained what happened and tried to make up their relationship. The master of the gym ignored what Han was trying to say and insisted to fight with Han or let Dre and Cheng fight each other. Mr.Han suggested Dre and Cheng had a match on a karate tournament instead of fighting. ‘I will teach you a real kung hu.’ Dre’s training had started.

Did Dre acquire the real kung hu? What did the result of the tournament go? Did Dre get his own pride back again?

Finally, Jackie Chan became a master, like a ‘Jedi Master’, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He used to act an apprentice in a lot of movies made in Hong Kong. The master whose nose was red drinking too much taught Jakie Chan in movies a lot of kinds of kung hu. I was so excited while watching Jakie’s movie.

I just recalled ‘Wakky,’ a Japanese comedian while looking at the enemy in this film.

I just dropped by the theater without any information. ‘Hey, Dre is…a boy? So cute, and looks like a girl. Besides, I think he is like someone…Will Smith, maybe?’ I just thought it. I was right. Cheng, a kid whom Dre had to fight, reminded me of Jet Li. Now that he is an actor in Hollywood, however, he also used to play a kung hu apprentice when he was young.

This ‘The Karate Kid’ was a revival of the same titled movie in 1984. If you are planning to go watching Jackie’s ‘The Karate Kid,’ please check this trailer and remember the scene they trying to catch a fly with chopsticks. Quite funny.

Thanks to the advance of movie techiniques and collaboration with a real(?) kung hu, The Karate Kid could get a new and astonishing taste and appear in front of you again.

I could enjoy the movie without thinking. The training scene by showing two actors’ shadows was so beautiful.

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