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His waves can blow off sweltering days

August 7, 2010 4 comments

sensu turned our prince on
I just dropped by my sister’s so that I wanted to rehearse what I am going to play at a off-meeting with my friends on the Internet. I brought one sensu there, which was nessesary for the rehearsal.

sensu is…a paper fan? Japanese fan? You can blow by waving sensu.

Here, it is.

You can close and open it whenever you want. On the contrary, uchiwa is a flat-papered fan, so you can’t fold it.

Here, it is.

You can enjoy the slapped sound when you open or fold sensu. This time, the sound made my nephew excited. Every time I made the sound, he showed his strange face in curiosity. He robbed my sensu from me and tried to create the sound. Have you ever used sensu before? You have to use your thumb and forefinger effectively in order to open your sensu. It might be an adequate expression to slide aside some of skeletal sticks with your thumb and forefinger. Unfortunately, my nephew couldn’t do that. He tried to open sensu, literally “pull both sides of sensu with his both hands”, with his all might. Some squeaking sound from sticks of sensu had appeared instead of the slapped sound. That made him more excited. Finally, he achieved. With the sound, he got crazy and reported what he’s done to his father and mother.

Incidentally, the sensu above has another name; suehiro. Look at the shape, you can see the top of the sensu is wider. suehiro has a meaning of “wider(getting happier).” The number “EIGHT” in Chinese character is also suehiro(suehirogari), which looks like a mountain. Mountains have wide foot like Mt.Fuji, don’t they? Wide foot shows spreading happiness in Japan.

That indicates you are single
My sister just invited her friend who has lived in America before so that I could gather many impressions through the rehearsal. Something which shows we(I mean, her friend and I) are single happened after the rehearsal.

Looking at the baby crawling and walking, he and I noticed the tag on the baby’s clothes. “Hey, he put on his clothes wrong side out!” He and I said.

“We did it on purpose, which means,” my sister said to us, “babies’ skin is so sensitive that we protect them from itching by putting clothes wrong side out. Didn’t you know? Ah, you guys are signle. Not strange that you didn’t know.”

Ummm… I learned a new thing, but I don’t know when the new knowledge will help me. lol

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Dreams can affect you in real?

August 6, 2010 2 comments

I went to Tokyo last weekend and watched a movie “INCEPTION.”

Cobb(Leonardo DiCaprio) is a thief, who steals not things in the real life but secrets in dreams. He and his gang design a lot of situations in the targets’ dream so that they can grab the secrets easily. This time, he tried to rob the secret from one super executive business person, Saito(Ken Watanabe). Although Cobb failed to take the secret, Saito found Cobb had a great skill for his profound mission. Saito recruited Cobb in order to realize his plan. Cobb also had his own dream, which he wanted to go back home in America and see his family in person. He couldn’t do it for now because he was on the track by police for murdering his wife, Mal. Cobb accepted Saito’s offer, which was to make an INCEPTION on the dream of the rival of Saito and let the INCEPTION cause the rival’s deterioration. Cobb and gang dived into the deep, deep sea named the unconscious. They finally plant the INCEPTION and change the rival’s destiny of his life?

As you know, I’ve often written funny(not so funny?) topics which I watched in my dreams like a novel(I mean, I’m trying to make the stories like novels). Sometimes, when I was young, friends told me that they had dreams in which several girls appeared and felt like they crushed on her after dreaming. That is totally “INCEPTION”!

It was interesting, but maybe quite difficult for someone. One of my friends said to me “Quite difficult to understand what “MATRIX” wants to show. After watching it again and again, I got it.” He would say the same thing after watching this “INCEPTION” if he watched it. There were at least 4 layers of the dreams which Cobb tried to dive and each layer of dreams was deeply connected with each other. Maybe you might confuse the one layer with the others.

I got rubbish ideas about actors in “INCEPTION” after watching it.

First, Leonardo DiCaprio, the great and handsome actor…

I felt he looked like a Japanese veteran actor…Yasuo Daichi. The fan of Leo might get angry. Sorry about that.

Second, Tom Hardy, he played a fraud in the movie…

I felt he looked like Keanu Reeves. “Oh, Keanu, I think you should work out a little bit…” that was what I thought during the movie.

Third, Marion Cotillard, she pleyed the wife of Cobb in the movie, Mal. Mal and Cobb loved each other so much that they dived into dreams deeply. She had not distinguished her reality from her dreams and at last committed suicide.

I felt she looked like a female Japanese economist and commentator…Kazuyo Katsuma. Everything happening is everything correct.

What do you think?

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