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September 30, 2010 6 comments

I’ve been thinking about the difference between two phrases. Let me show you.

1) puppets operated by hidden men
2) puppets operated by men hidden

Please imagine the situation. There are several puppets hanging on the stage. Puppeteers are operating the puppets behind the curtain. Spectators are not able to see the puppeteers. The puppets are dancing as if the puppets are alive.

Are there any difference between ‘hidden men’ and ‘men hidden’?

I just felt from ‘hidden men’ in sentence 1) that someone had the men hidden. According to my dictionary, the word ‘hide’ has both an intransitive verb and a transitive verb in its meaning.

1. to put or keep sb/sth in a place where they/it cannot be seen or found
2. to go somewhere where you hope you will not be seen or found
3. to cover sth so that it cannot be seen
4. to keep sth secret, especially your feelings
(quoted from OALD)

‘I hid the credit card bill between books’ In this sentence, ‘the credit card’ is the thing which was kept from sth/sb. ‘I hid behind the curtain’ In this sentence, ‘I’ is the one who was unseen behind the curtain. Then, who/what is hidden in the phrase ‘hidden men’? Of course I know that the men are the ones who hide and operate the puppets, but I can’t help feeling something strange from the phrase. How would you feel if the phrase became ‘by hiding men’?

I’m not so good at grammar, so I don’t know if I am correct. The point would be that the phrase ‘hidden men’ is just an adjective + noun. On the contrary, ‘men’ of ‘men hidden’ is changable like this; ‘the men are hidden’.

One more thing, you often see a phrase like this; ‘hidden meaning’. I also felt something same from the phrase ‘hidden men’ as if somebody intentionally kept the secret from us because the meaning had a serious secret or something. What do you think of two phrases?

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Tweeting comes before friends

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This article just follows the aricle.

Please imagine a situation. A woman blamed a man for his imnpolite and rude style. He had just tweeted her private on the Internet. He thought it’s no problem because anyone doesn’t have any hint to associate his tweet and herself. That’s what Twitter is all about. She got desappointed and angry with his behavior.

Q. Is “That’s what Twitter is all about” able to govern even her claim?

Although she demanded that he must apologize to her and erase the tweet. He erased the tweet, but his mail to her became worse. In the middle of writing, he stopped writing and sent the mail with a message saying ‘I’ll be back and mail you at night’

Four days passed. Nothing came to her from him. During four days, he kept tweeting as if nothing happned.

Q. Is he supposed to say something apologetic to her? How do you know that?

I’m not saying he must not tweet anymore. I would like to say that he should have treated his reply as his priority. Tweeting without dealing with your crucial problem might be nothing but a help to make someone exasperated.

I wish her peaceful days.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 30

September 25, 2010 2 comments

rakugo workshops in English
As I said that I did rakugo in English in August, which is a Japanese traditional storytelling. I applied for a new workshop which is going to kick off in October. The website of the workshop says recitals are held twice in a year. Maybe I might be able to stand (I mean, ‘sit down’) on the stage at the next recital. I’ll try too hard.

three meetings in a day
I had three meetings today. Acutually, I’m so exhausted. I was going to write an article in this blog at an Internet cafe. Ummm, I just fell asleep.

A lot of things flying in my brain
I’ve been thinking about my English skills. A lot of things are flying in my brain. I think I need some time.

What I did in Tokyo and Osaka
I went to Tokyo last weekend. Do you know Tora-san? He is one of the most famous movie characters in Japan. I went to the museum of Tora-san in Tokyo. I’ll post an article about it…someday.

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Tweeting sometimes bothers someone else

September 24, 2010 5 comments

As a matter of fact, I have another account on Twitter and sometimes tweet there. However, I’ve been thinking that twitter is not my thing. I know it is enjoyable to watch others’ tweets. People sometimes give me valuable information, sometimes give me funny topics, though. The problem is that it is so easy to tweet that you don’t have enough time to check or revise your tweets before clicking ‘TWEET’. One more thing, your border line on what you should tweet is not always the same as others. Even though you think it would be ok, you don’t know if others would accept what you tweeted. Of course, even blogs, you have possibilities to make someone else confused or annoyed with your words. I have ever experienced my article bothering someone else before. It’s quite difficult to express opinions.

Thanks to websites, I have a lot of opportunities to read a lot of things. I am able to check grammatical rules when I don’t know if my sentences are good. On TV, people say that we have many opportunities to do something great through Twitter. Although maybe it’s right, I think you have to be careful with what you’re going to tweet before you accomplish your ambition with Twitter.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 29

September 18, 2010 6 comments

Be patient
This time, as a student, I joined a lesson. This time I handed in an essay which I was going to use in other place. The teacher gave me some adivce, which was the same one as my friend did. ‘Simple and clear,’ for me, that’s the priority when I write sentences in English.

The more deeply I think about it, the more complicated it becomes. At first, I still think about what I’m trying to write in Japanese. That makes my sentences ambiguous and redundant. Second, I need to know the meanings of words I use, especially basic ones, more deeply than now.

A bunch of things to do. Besides, it will take a lot of time to realize the growth. Be patient, HoneyPotter.

My grandmother, are you alright?
Someone left a message in my cellphone when I woke up. It was my grandmother’s. The message said that she was supposed to see someone. ‘Are you going to see someone? You left your message by mistake.’ I said to my grandmother. ‘What are you talking about? I haven’t called anyone today.’ said my grandmother. ‘You did! Check your cellphone, and you can see you called me.’ said I. The screen of her cellphone indicated she called me. ‘Ummm…what’s wrong with this cellphone?’ said my grandmother. I was the one who wanted to say ‘What’s wrong with you?’ to my grandmother.

Jumping to a conclusion
In my previous article, I wrote one of my friend who was in love with a 18-year-older-than-him woman. I had an opportunity to see him and other friend yesterday.

‘Hey, maybe I might ask you some help…’ he said to me seriously. From the ways he talked, I just felt he got the same disease when he got about three years ago. He…got so crazy that he wasn’t able to be…cool and see anything. It just took a few weeks, though. Sadly, things have changed. His situation has changed. He is, what we call, the adult. I don’t know what to say.

I think it is going to be complecated. Ummm…he also needs ‘simple and clear’ in this situation as well as my English.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 28

September 17, 2010 4 comments

My student has come back
As I said before, I have a student, who is in the beauty business. She was in N.Y. for her work. Before she left Japan, I taught many phrases which can be used during her trip. I asked her how she went well in N.Y. after she came back.

‘The phrases you gave me were so useful. But the problem was I could hardly understand whay they are saying after I said something to them.’

As a matter of fact, she mailed me a few times while staying in N.Y., and reported her situations to me. The mail said the same thing. As the season 2, we’ve started a new program in order to improve her listening skills.

She had two tasks during her trip. One was to make up one bride and the relatives, and the other was to make up models appearing on a photo session. She told me the tasks were so tough because she had to do everything without her assistants, but things went well. Several accidents were happned, though. After the talk, she said to me, ‘They said they will not have the sessions in February.’ Oh, my Gosh, it means, I’ve lost my opportunity to go to N.Y. with her.

After that, we talked about how we(I mean, she) could get another offer from her clients oversea.

To say I love you. Where?
One day, I received a mail from my old friend. The mail said he wanted to know a good place like seashore on which you could enjoy sunset. The following sentences in his mail continued like this; ‘I’m in love with a woman. She is much older than me.’ Surprisingly, the woman is 18 years older than him.

‘Should I say… good for you? Anyway, being in love is good. Yeah, we have many places for a date. You can say you love her anywhere I tell.’

I hope he makes it.

Present perfect… a kind of tense?
I’ve been struggling with present perfect. I guess present perfect and present perfect continous are the most confusing part among Japanese English learners. My impression for them is, maybe I might be wrong, ’emphasis of status or actions.’ Ummm…I must dig them more. I think I should call them a kind of tense, by the way?

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The fire reflects their obedience

September 11, 2010 2 comments

Last August, I enjoyed cormorant fishing at the Kiso river. It is so-called ukai in Japanese.

Cormorants are a bird living around sea. Fishers catch them by the seashore, and train them after cutting their specific feathers to prevent them from flying. Fishers teach cormorants how to swim, how to land on the boat’s railing, etc. Also, fishers grind cormorants’ beaks in order not to injure fishers. Cormorants’ necks are bound with strings. That is the secret why cormorants don’t swallow fish. It is difficult to find the right degree of tension. Too loose to throw up fish, too tight to catch fish.

Cormorants fishing at the Kiso river have gone for over 1,300 years. Inuyama city, where I went, treats this traditional fishing as an important thing. So, now that all fishing masters are civil servants of Inuyama city hall. I just thought how much their extra for overtime because cormorants fishing usually start after the sun falls.

This is where we waited for the boat to ship.

It is called yakatabune, which you can enjoy eating local dishes, such as sweetfish.

This is what I ate. You can see one roast sweetfish. It was quite delicious. I wanted it to be more salty, though.

Savoring local dishes, you can enjoy sightseeing. This is the Inuyama castle, which I wrote before.

They are veterans boatmen, who are also good at talking. Their talk gave us a happy time.

We took a rest at the area in the middle of the river. All stones were ground and shaped like a ball.

Cormorants fishing had started. One fishing master handle ten cormorants at the same time. You can see the strings. Fishing masters keep the fire on in order to attract sweetfish. All the crews on the boat put a special and traditional costume, and the costume can prevent the crews from the fire.

At the end of program, fishing master explained how they train cormorants and how cormorants catch fish. You can see a cormorant sitting on the edge of the boat. The relationship between fishing masters and cormorants looks closer than I expect.

Can you see the cormorant next to the fishing master? He(she?) is so cute. He behaved so good. I want my dog to look at his attitude and become obedient.

It was my second time to enjoy cormorants fishing. I’d like to be there again.

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