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Nostalgic phone booths make me remember something

September 2, 2010 6 comments

Now that most of the people in Japan have their own cellphone. Me, I have two cellphones. One is my private one and the other is my official one. I first had my cellphone when I was around twenty. People started possessing cellphones instead of pagers at that time. Me, I had both of a cellphone and a pager and paged my friends with my cellphone.

I used to use a pay phone before I had a cellphone. Actually, I was so talkative(sorry, I AM talkative) that my parents got surprised at the bill of calls and forbade me from using a phone in my home. I had a girlfriend at that time. I got in my car and headed for a place in which I could call her from a pay phone. I pulled over my car as close to a phone booth as possible, opened the window of my car, put a prepaid card into the slot and talked with my girlfriend as I sit on the driver seat.

Thanks to cellphones, I use no longer a pay phone and do such a thing above. However, I found such nostalgic facility today. I had an appointment with my new client. That was in the outskirt of Nagoya, which I used to visit when I was an university student. I just remember there was a nostalgic and funny facility, so I asked my client if the facility still was there. The answer of my client was YES.

The facility is so-called a drive-through pay phone booth. Here, it is. Can you see two green boxes? They are pay phone boxes. The premises have one-way traffic. Cars made in Japan have driver’s seats on the right side.

You can see the one way sign.

It is easy for drivers who have cars made in Japan to stop their cars and call someone. It is quite tough for ones who have cars imported from other countries to call. Wait a minute, such people don’t need to drop by such a place because they are rich. lol

You can pull over your car, open the window, call someone special and have a wonderful time as you’re sitting on your driver’s seat. All you have to worry is care for rain.

Even though the cards are out, you can buy a new prepaid card at the box next to the phone.

In this region, Aichi prefecture, we can’t live without car. Most of convenient stores need enough parking lots. Shopping centers on the outskirt can take advantage of their wide premises to woo customers coming by car. These drive-through phone booths used to attract the young. But now, something has changed. I don’t know how long these booths will be maintained. I at least felt something nostalgic and could remember what I did.

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