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Every little thing in my ordinary life 30

September 25, 2010 2 comments

rakugo workshops in English
As I said that I did rakugo in English in August, which is a Japanese traditional storytelling. I applied for a new workshop which is going to kick off in October. The website of the workshop says recitals are held twice in a year. Maybe I might be able to stand (I mean, ‘sit down’) on the stage at the next recital. I’ll try too hard.

three meetings in a day
I had three meetings today. Acutually, I’m so exhausted. I was going to write an article in this blog at an Internet cafe. Ummm, I just fell asleep.

A lot of things flying in my brain
I’ve been thinking about my English skills. A lot of things are flying in my brain. I think I need some time.

What I did in Tokyo and Osaka
I went to Tokyo last weekend. Do you know Tora-san? He is one of the most famous movie characters in Japan. I went to the museum of Tora-san in Tokyo. I’ll post an article about it…someday.

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