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Tweeting comes before friends

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This article just follows the aricle.

Please imagine a situation. A woman blamed a man for his imnpolite and rude style. He had just tweeted her private on the Internet. He thought it’s no problem because anyone doesn’t have any hint to associate his tweet and herself. That’s what Twitter is all about. She got desappointed and angry with his behavior.

Q. Is “That’s what Twitter is all about” able to govern even her claim?

Although she demanded that he must apologize to her and erase the tweet. He erased the tweet, but his mail to her became worse. In the middle of writing, he stopped writing and sent the mail with a message saying ‘I’ll be back and mail you at night’

Four days passed. Nothing came to her from him. During four days, he kept tweeting as if nothing happned.

Q. Is he supposed to say something apologetic to her? How do you know that?

I’m not saying he must not tweet anymore. I would like to say that he should have treated his reply as his priority. Tweeting without dealing with your crucial problem might be nothing but a help to make someone exasperated.

I wish her peaceful days.

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