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Do I need to be a telepathist?

October 5, 2010 8 comments

Have you ever heard ‘speaker talk’ or ‘listener talk’? In ‘speaker talk’, Speakers are the ones who have to express their ideas in detail and listeners don’t need to read between the lines so much. On the contrary, in ‘listener talk’, listners have to know what speakers are saying or writing even though speakers’ explanations are not enough. It is said that English is ‘speaker talk’ and Japanese is ‘listener talk’. I’ve been thinking that I have to thank all readers of this blog. My English writing is so ambiguous that it is so difficult and confusing to understand my ideas in this blog.

Sometimes people demand me to understand what they are feeling even though they don’t express what they feel or what they are trying to say at all. Even between someone special, it is so difficult to know what he/she thinks or feels. Maybe do I need to be a telepathist or something?

We don’t live in a world like MATRIX or AVATAR. As long as we live in the world(as long as we are individuals who don’t have any exact ways to transfer their thoughts except linguistic communications), we have to find it difficult to communicate with each other. It is more difficult to communicate with people living in other countries. Confrontations might happen because of differences on cultures or backgrounds. I have ever experienced the difficulty before. Without expressing your ideas, you no longer let someone know them.

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