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Traffic was terrific

October 19, 2010 10 comments

I spent two days in Izu peninsula. As I wrote in my previous article, I left my house late. It was eleven c’clock in the morning.

I was wrong.

I never thought that the traffic would be so jammed at the first day of the long weekend.

I have visited Itou city before, and it took just four hours or so at that time. I expected that, this time, I would arrive at Shimoda city in five hours or more.

I was wrong.

I was stuck in traffic several times. Several traffics on the Tomei highway connecting Tokyo and Nagoya. I arrived at Numazu, from which I had to drive on the local roads, at four thirty. Izu peninsula has so many mountains that the number of roads reaching Shimoda city is not so many. Once I got out of the highway, new traffic congestion waited for me. I just thought I was at least able to visit Jouren no taki within the first day, the warterfall which I wrote at my previous article, before I dropped by the hotel.

I was wrong.

The second obstacle during my travel was rain. The weather forecast said that we caught heavy rain around Izu peninsula. It was rather a storm.

Jouren no taki is around the top of the steep hill called ‘Amagi touge‘. As I said in my previous journal, I was supposed to sing a song, ‘amagi goe‘ while going over the hill.

I was wrong.

The rain was too heavy and the wind was too strong to see the road clearly. I had to focus on driving. Fortunately, the car right in front of me was MAZDA roadster(NB6C, MX-5) whose driver seemed to know the road deeply. He told me what the next corner was with hazard lights. I thought I would have had an exciting time if I had still had RX-7.

It was seven thirty when I arrived at the hotel. I had been driving for a long time.

The wedding party was so great. I know how difficult they had been going until they married. That’s why I was so moved when I saw my friend’s tears. Unfortunately, I have to skip the detail of the party, but it was so amazing.

Here is the waterfall, Jouren no taki. Due to the heavy rain, the stream was a bit dirty.

This area is famous for horseradish.

This is an uncommon bridge called ‘the looped bridge’. When you pass through the hill, you have to drive this bridge. According to wikipedia, this bridge was built after the landslide of this area. You might become car sickness.

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