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Every little thing in my ordinary life 32

busy busy busy
I’m writing this article at an Internet cafe. I have three meetings today and the second one has just finished.

The next RAKUGO play is going to be difficult and tough
As I said, I decided to join the class of RAKUGO in English. Last Saturday, I went to Tokyo to attend it. As for the first RAKUGO play that I showed my friends in August, all I had to do was copy what Mr.Katsura Sunshine demonstrated. This time, however, I have to arrange a basic script that the teacher gave to me. The basic script is an about five-minute play. I need to add a few lines and make an about fifteen-minute play. Ummm, it’s going to be hard.

The teacher gave each student each play, which is different with one another. Some students didn’t completely remember all the lines, some students had already finished arranging the lines. Me, I just remembered the basic lines. I just thought it would be okay.

Referring to professional RAKUGO storytellers’ plays, I have to add interesting lines into the script. The recital is going to be held next year.

A high-end computer
Something wrong with my computer. Although the H.D.D. works when I turn on the computer, the monitor doesn’t go well and still blacks out(I mean, the switch of the monitor shows the green light and it looks like as if there’s no problem, but the monitor shows nothing) . I guess the problem of the monitor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it keeps blacking out.

My computer is already out of date, so I hardly play latest games. I’m cosidering buying a new computer or upgrading my computer in order to be able to play games. Having said that, I have no time to play games. lol

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