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Another Alice obtained another life in another wonderland?

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I went to the theater to watch “Resident Evil: Afterlife”. This is the first time I’ve watched a 3D movie.

“I’m gonna be bringing a few of my friends,” five years had passed since Alice flung her last words to the members of the committee of the Umbrella corporation, the largest company in the world which caused the series of catastrophes. Zombies, undead people who were controlled by appetite for human flesh, were the top of the pyramid of food chain on the earth.

Alice and her cloned Alice (who were also created by the Umbrella corporation at the previous story) commenced the attack for the headquarters of the Umbrella in Tokyo, Japan, in which Chairman of the committee, Wesker, directed. Cloned Alice became capable of psychic as well as Alice. The attack looked successful, but Wesker quickly decided to dump the base and tried to escape. He operated a helicopter and flew away from the base. In the helicopter, Wesker noticed that someone hiding. It was Alice. Wesker was also as doped and strengthened by the Umbrealla corporation as Alice was. His overwhelmed agility was beyond Alice’s one. An injection that he held in his hand, which was able to nullify Alice’s super power, had nailed around Alice’s neck. He had made her a normal person. Looking at Wesker smirking, she left her word ‘Thank you’, and managed to explode the helicopter.

A few months later, Alice, who escaped from the explosion of the helicopter, was looking for the place in Alaska. It was called Arcadia, which was the place filling with food and no infection. Although she achieved the place, she had no hint of evacuated people. Instead of such people, one woman had attacked Alice. It was Claire. She was the leader of a group at the previous story and headed for this place. Alice found something like a spider-shaped device on Claire’s chest. Something happened around here. Was it sure that Arcadia was around Alaska? Did someone bait people escaping from many places by using the name ‘Arcadia’? What for? Who?

There was another ‘Arcadia’, and someone had been hidden behind this name. It was Wesker.

I love zombie movies. I know you can easily see what the endings of zombie movies go. I know you can easily know who would die and who would survive in zombie movies. ‘simple entertainment’ is the secret of zombie movies, I think.

I was interested in 3D techniques from Resident Evil. AVATAR, as I wrote, I watched it with 2D. I just thought the 3D vision in front of me when I wore the 3D glasses would be similar to the one when I was excited with SPIDERMAN in the Universal Studio Japan and CAPTAIN EO in the Tokyo Disneyland. I expected too much. I haven’t understood yet that such 3D films are necessary. I guess these films should be the first step for hologram films in the future. It needs much time to improve techniques so that we enjoy such hologram films in the theater.

There were a lot of scenes in order to emphasize “That’s the 3D!” in this movie, which was like the one that Keanu Reeves was dodging bullets as he was leaning back in MATRIX. So many scenes that I was a bit fed up with them.

I thought I could have enjoyed the film if I had played a series of games(BIOHAZARD in Japanese titles, RESIDENT EVIL in English titles) because a lot of characters related to games appeared in the movie. One more thing, I would like to watch the movie again and check two characters in it. One is a girl standing on the street in Tokyo. Is she Mika Nakashima? And the other is a lady with the device on her chest commanding an order in a helicopter. Is she Jil Valentine?

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