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Every little thing in my ordinary life 33

October 28, 2010 2 comments

New monitor
I told you that there was something wrong with my computer. The monitor blacked out and I saw nothing although I heard the sound that Windows XP was boosted. The clerk of a shop told me that the monitor didn’t work. I bought a new monitor. The new monitor comes with LED.

I cleaned up the inside of my computer before setting up the monitor. I had much dust around the fan in the computer. With a vacuum cleaner in my left hand and a toothpick in my right hand, I picked the dust from the fan, like a dentist and an assitant. The computer was cleaned enough and set up.

I was waiting for the monitor to show its beautiful colors. Nothing happned. ‘Not again? My computer itself doesn’t work after all?’ thinking like that, I read the instructions of the monitor at the first time(Hey! Read it before setting!). You had to push(touch) the sign showing ‘switch’ at the lower right part on the monitor. It was not a button, just a mark of switch. Like a touchscreen of iPad, all you had to do was keep touching in order to turn on. The old monitor didn’t have such switch! Finally, I had boosted my computer again.

It was so clear and beautiful that I couldn’t help playing games. I was supposed to record my playing and upload it on YouTube, but I found it impossible because the spec of my computer became low.

The clerk of the shop told me that the CPU of my computer no longer dealt with high-speed graphics and multiple tasks. Although I recorded my playing on a mystery game, the sound had been distorted to listen to.

I’m planning to replace the CPU(Core2Duo with Core-i7 870), the motherboard, the memory(DDR2 with DDR3), the graphic card(Geforce8800 with Sapphire Radeon HD6870) and the power supply. Before the replacement, I think I should buy a new laptop so that I am able to be online without my main computer.

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