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Every little thing in my ordinary life 34

November 4, 2010 12 comments

Don’t peep my brain
I’ve had a headache for over a year. I consulted my doctor about it again and again at my regular check, but he hadn’t done anything. However, he finally accepted my desire. I just experienced a head CT scan. This was the first time I had gotten.

Actually, I already became 36 last month. Many friends often urge me to have a medical check.

To tell you the truth, I just thought like that, ‘What if there’s something white or gray spreading in my brain?? What if the doctor tells me that I have only a year to go?’.

‘No problem. Nothing anxious in your brain. I told you that you didn’t need to worry. Your stiff shoulders always come to your headache.’ the doctor said.

I thought I should swim more. One more thing, I thought I should take care of myself as I become older. Ummm…being older…one of my friend gave such a sweet message to me. ‘The older the wine is, the more valuable and expensive it is’ Thank you so much, girlgeum.

Always ‘damage”compensation’
Since about five years ago, one resident has been bothering my client and me. He always claims that he is right. Every time we come to a decision for building renovation, he demands the board to change the plan along with his advice. Maybe you might think it is good and natural to have opinions on the subjects. Yes, it is. However, he has a bad case of expressing opinions. It’s rather bad obsession. ‘The board has just been corrupted by constructors.”I’m going to sue all of you.”All the company must think of only making a profit. They will rip off from us.”I already consulted police or prosecutors about defamation.’ These are what he’s been saying. I already became used to such malevolent words, but most of my clients are so sensitive that they sometimes become stressed. A grand assembly is just around the corner. I guess something will happen.

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