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An ambush on the way to becoming a good speaker

November 11, 2010 2 comments

I used to have a girlfriend who came from other country. As time went by, she became able to speak Japanese well, which made me forget she was a person coming from other country. I remembered she was not Japanese when she unconsciously expressed her thoughts or ideas in negative ways or harsh tones. Any couple can sometimes hit a raw nerve with each other. I often taught her which words or expressions were adequate in right time, right place. Incidentally, she was so smart that she deliberately used such malicious words or phrases while we were fighting lol.

I’m not saying I am a good English speaker, though, at least I think I’ve been growing more than I used to be since I decided to learn English again. I’ve become able to express my feeling or ideas in English more than before, like my ex in Japanese. However, I sometimes think that some of people might become irritated at what I said or wrote in English, like myself when I went out with my ex.

Such things can even happen between English learners. I can be the one who becomes angry with what someone else unconsciously said or wrote. I can be the one who makes someone else angry with my expressions without being aware of their malevolence. Both of the situations will become valuable experiences to me for a learner. However, I think I should factor the distance between someone else and me in my abusive objection against someone’s remarks without intention to be rude. Maybe he/she might feel terrified of my anger, and the relationship might end easily. I would feel sad if the relationship finished abruptly.

Anyway, I would like to have much more experiences, including mistakes, and I would like to notice inadequate usages and correct them by myself while using English. Or I would be shot or hit by someone in real if I unconsciously gave impolite words or attitude.

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