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Harry Stamper at the festival

November 18, 2010 5 comments

One festival was held last Sunday. As I wrote at my previous journal, I went to Tokyo last Saturday. It was a bit tough, however, many children’s smiles at the festival blew off something exhausting my body.

The group of volunteer guides, the one I’ve been joining, had to run a booth at the festival. International cultural exchanges were one of themes of the festival. People who came to the city from a lot of countries, such as Indonesia, China, Australia, America, also had each booth. We, members of the guides, served several sorts of beverages for free at the booth. Both of customers and members had to speak English at our booth. It was quite exciting.

Attendees were able to enjoy an event called ‘stamp rally'(I’m sure there’s no such an expression in English) during the festival. ‘stamp rally’ was extremely simple; you just hold a piece of paper for the ‘stamp rally’ in your hand and visit each designated booth and obtain stamps on the paper.

I was a receptionist at our booth. Oops, let me take that back, it sounds too cool. I was a stamper(wow, sounded like a movie character, Harry Stamper in ARMAGEDDON). About 400 people holding the papers in their hands came to our booth. It was totally ‘keep stamping’. I greeted every customers and complimented them in English smiling at them. The people who ran each booth also visited our booth and enjoyed drinking and chatting.

I had a wonderful time.

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