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Every little thing in my ordinary life 35

A long day
I’m just home. Ummm, it was a extremely long day. Three meetings I had in a day.

Tomorrow’s English examination
My tough days haven’t finished yet. I have an English examination tomorrow. Last year, I obtained my highest score in the exam, however, I’ve recently become stuck in spite of my actual feelings that my English skills have gradually been getting better. I’m not saying I insist on my scores or results themselves. I know now is the time that I have to be patient.

Voice diaries
Actually, I was not so interested in SNS, such as FaceBook. One function, however, has made me change my mind; the function to record myself with webcam. Recently I’ve been recording two-minute voice diaries and uploading them on my page. It’s so fun.

Malicious attendees
I had an extraoridary grand assembly held yesterday, in which malevolent clients attended. I was on the side of the board, therefore I had to protect the members of the board from meaningless condemnations.

The first move he chose was to claim that the requirement to approve the bill was inadequate. As you know, the more serious matters bills include, the more votes you need in order to pass the bills. He demanded that, this time, we needed to adopt an extraordinary resolution for the bill that the board issued. He was completely wrong. He interpreted the law incorrectly. Even worse, he’s been thinking that he was totally right. Many people have been bothered before.

Umm, I think it becomes a long story. He said to the chairman in the end that he was going to file a defamation against the chairman and other executives. Oh, not again. I was the one against whom he used to say ‘I will sue you!’ a few years ago. ‘I already consulted with police officers, prosecutors, and other authorities’, with his words, former members of the board became under stress.

This time, how is he doing?

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  1. December 3, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    People who believe that they’re always right are pigheaded and thus making it hard to change their minds. But if the law was interpret incorrectly, then there should be nothing to worry about right? I know, justice can be like a jilted lover.

    How the exam went?

    • honeypotter
      December 5, 2010 at 1:46 am

      Yes, as you said, we will win at the court in the end. The problem is that we have to face him and argue him about before the trial. Arbitral proceeding in Japan is still on the way. I’ve got to go to public facilities with the member of the board to deal with the problem next week. I hate this problem. 😦

      The exam. I don’t know how well I did, actually. 😦

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