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Take a look at films, people need to take a break

I think that most of English learners in Japan are extremely modest and serious, but I must say that they are likely to be such a square sometimes. Maybe such habits come from the ways they think, as in “I’ll try too hard in order to pass the examinations or to obtain higher scores on the tests. Stay focus on the exams. There’s no time to be distracted. That’s the best way so that I become able to speak English”. Sometimes I feel it is bad to learn English without strong determination and discipline.

Wait a minute. Of course I know it is crucial for English learners to get on something educational. However, people need to take a rest periodically. Besides, we have many other ways to learn English and are able to obtain a bunch of chances to use English. Just drop by here and take a look at these several films. I guarantee you will laugh out loud.

I haven’t known such kinds of films before. We have similar films in Japan, but at least there’s no such songs films. Literal version videos, songs that editors have arraged their lyrics to literally describe the situations of the promotion films. There you go.

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All is my favorite. He is singing well. ‘making out in a magic photo… “Here’s a flower for you”… Groupies in the corridor…They’re bimbos…What are they singing for?…We don’t know…’ and ‘white guy afro’ made me down.

Separate Ways is so ridiculous. The original singer, Steve Perry, his serious face has turned into the comical one because of the funny arranged lyrics.
Check this.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart, actually I at first listened to WESTLIFE’s one. Ringo Starr is acting in the film as a special guest. lol I like the voice of this woman, by the way.
Check this.

Personally, I think this film would have been my most favorite if the editor had adjusted the volume effectively. The lyrics of this song are sooooo simple but really hilarious.

I hope you all took a break so much and felt better. Okay, now is the time to get back to study. I hope for your success.

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