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Thanks for your kindness

December 31, 2010 2 comments

Dear readers of this blog:

Thank you for coming this blog. This is the last article in 2010. I believe you are now thinking of what you did this year. I hope you’re able to say ‘it was a great year for me’.

Me, I’ve had a wonderful year with you. It was the 100th article at the previous one. I obtained at least 100 opportunities to communicate with you through all the posts. It was amazing and precious for me.

I will learn English and improve my English skills as much as possible next year in order to express my ideas and thoughts more clearly than now. I hope you would enjoy reading my blog.

I would like to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you for your visit. Thank you so much and see you next year.


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TORON obtained a new energy with advanced techniques

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I went to the theater to watch a movie, ‘TORON’.

‘I’ve been dreaming of an extremely ideal world. Finally, a miracle has happened. Sicences, technologies, religions…each and everything will have changed due to the new world to come.’ Kevin said his son, Sam, with excitement in 1989. Kevin had been running of his own business, which was a huge computer comapy, ENCOM. At the following day Kevin and Sam talked about such a fantastic topic, Kevin suddenly disappeared.

Twenty years later, Sam had become 27 years old and he was a major stockholder of ENCOM. Kevin’s partner, Alan, wanted Sam to join the board and run the company, however, Sam didn’t want to do it because he had been feeling like his father dumped Sam.

One day, Alan visited Sam who was released from police after Sam stole a new product from ENCOM. Alan showed Sam an old pager which Kevin ordered him to have. It had been twenty years for the pager to ring, which means the signal from Kevin. Sam went to a game arcade named Flynn’s according to Kevin’s directions. He found a secret basement there, which was a gate to the digital world, GRID. Sam had fell down to the GRID right after he entered the password into the computer.

The world of GRID is where Kevin told Sam that it was a perfect and magnificent. Each program shaped like human bodies and strict orders existed. Human shaped programs were excited with games in which drifted and unpurposed programs playing in order to survive. Security programs treated Sam as an unknown program and let him into the games. Sam barely survived the game and his bloods from his hurt proved he was an USER, not a program. The master of the world ordered other program to take Sam in front of him. Sam was surprised to see his face. Tha master looked alike his father, Kevin. In a few moments, however, Sam came to realize the master was definitely not his father. Actually, he was Clu, the program that Kevin created at the first time when Kevin started programing this world.

Clu had become a master of the world since he became rid of Kevin. Kevin ran away from him and hid himself somewhere because he must protect his own DISC from Clu. Each program in GRID has each DISC to identfy themselves. Kevin’s DISC, which was the creater’s one, was the only way for Clu to break into the real world. Clu let Sam into a terrible game again and he tried to kill him by his own. During the game, one intruder saved Sam and escaped from the game. Her name was Quorra, the only surviver called ISO; Isomorphic Algorithms. She took Sam to his father. Kevin and Quorra had been keep hiding from Clu in steep mountains which was out of ceverage of GRID.

Sam asked his father, Kevin, to get out from GRID with Kevin’s DISC. Kevin knew how strong Clu had become, so he refused. Sam came back to the city of GRID again in order to see an old program ‘Zuse’. He was the only one to know another way. Sam had reached Zuse, but something was lying ahead of him.

It’s been a long time since I I watched the original movie ‘TORON’. It was so sophesticated for the movies in that age. Thanks to advance of graphics technologis, people can enjoy the TORON’s world.

Characters in the movie was fighting with each other with their own DISC. It was quite contradictory. During the movie, someone warned not to lose the DISC because the DISC was the only way to identify themselves. Players in games threw their DISCs to their opponents as their arms in spite of such alerts. What if the DISC was damaged during the game? What if the enemy grabbed the DISC and ran way from the player?

The game in which players got ride on a motorbike thing was interesting. I believe I saw the same game in the first TORON. Lines created right after players drove like walls prevented their enemies from going through. It was like a game to occupy territories.

Anyway, I felt like I watched the original TORON again.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 38

December 25, 2010 10 comments

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, all. How’s your Christmas? Me, I was in my office and worked as usual. However, I just had a chance to put on Santa’s costume again. lol

Let me show you several photos that I took in Tokyo last week. I wasn’t able to take photos of Christmas trees. I hope you would enjoy them instead.


What is he doing? Something wrong with his back?

This illumination reminded me of a movie, ‘CUBE’.


Finished the RAKUGO script
As I wrote about it in my blog again and again, I’m going to participate in a recital of RAKUGO in English. Finally, I’ve finished making the script that I’m supposed to play. All I have to do now is just practice the play over and over so that I become able to speak the lines naturally.

There is a small problem with the script. The topics to make audiences laugh is too trivial to understand. The teacher of the RAKUGO class told me that he didn’t know if the audience would be able to comprehend the topics. I think it depends on a brief introduction called makura. During makura, RAKUGO storytellers have to let audiences know basic words relevant to the main story, sometimes adding anecdotal topics.

I at least have to explain a word ‘boar’ to the audience. Not all audiences are able to understand what the meaning of boar is. ‘How about introducing botan nabe?’ the teacher suggested helpfully. Botan nabe is one of Japanese traditional cuisines using boar meat. One of students of the class let me know a famous restaurant botan nabe in Tokyo. I’m going there in near the future. It would be nice if I post an article about dishes of boars in this blog.

I’m wondering if my friends would give me several chances to rehearse the play.

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I must say this article is KASU – a definition of kasu –

December 23, 2010 7 comments

As you know, users of wordpress are able to know words with which you found blogs, called search words. I often check the words and find that someone seems interested in one Japanese word, ‘kasu‘. This time, I’ll write an article regarding the word, ‘kasu‘.

Words have been changing day by day. Although people start using the words in approving ways at first, the words might be used in disapproving or insulting ways afterward. The word ‘kasu‘, also has both meanings.

the origin
The word, kasu, was originated from a procedure; an extra substance or an impurity which are left over after main ingredients are milked out of materials. They are not always useless. For example, sake kasu is used for cooking.

This is an image of sake kasu.

ordinary usage
You can see the word kasu in your ordinary life. The usage is not so dissaproving. By connecting to other words like a prefix, you can use the word kasu in a neutral way. Let me show some example.

These are photos when I dropped by Macdonald’s. I just ordered a quarter pounder with a coke and fried potatoes.

Before I ate them…

After I ate them…

You can see several particles left in the box of fried potatoes. They are called ‘kasu‘. Please imagine the situation in which you have the particles around your mouth after you munched the fried potatoes. You mother or friends might say in Japanese, ‘tabekasu tuiteru yo‘. The word tabekasu in this expression can be divided into ‘tabe‘(means ‘eat’ ‘food’ etc.) and ‘kasu‘.

There is some difference on a nuance between tabe nokoshi and tabe kasu. tabe nokoshi sounds like it’s close to ‘left-over’, which means it’s possible for you to eat it afterward. On the other hand, tabe kasu sounds like it already becomes a food debris, which means you no longer eat it.

Have you ever watched a movie, ‘BIG’? I love BIG. In the movie, Tom Hanks acted a good guy with a child’s heart. During a date with a woman, Tom pointed out that she had a dash of mustard around her mouth. Maybe you might be able to use ‘kasu‘ in this case. However, I don’t think it is a proper way because I usually associate solid materials with kasu, not paste things like mustard.

insulting usage
You can use the word kasu in an obnoxious way. The usage comes from the meaning ‘useless’. People often add the word kasu at the end of sentences like this; ‘damare kasu‘(Shut the fuck up!) ‘daredayo kono kasu‘(Who the fuck are you?) I believe this is the first time I have used the F-word in this blog. lol

I just thought this offensive usage is old-fashioned, however, I often see it recently, especially on the Internet. People on the Internet often abbreviate the word ‘kasu‘ as ‘ks’.

Take a look at the image. I just took it at the most famous bulletin board on the Internet in Japan, ‘2 channel’.

It might be beneficial for you to learn this phrase, ‘gugure kasu‘(means, google it by yourself). When you ask someone to teach something again and again, he/she might say the phrase in a disgusting tone.

At the end of this journal, let me introduce you a famous scene in which the word kasu is used. You might remember the scene if you were a frequent reader of this blog.

Incidentally, this article is not so educational but just trivial. It should be useless, yes, totally kasu to your Japanese exams.

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Dobby, oh my Dobby…

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I went to the theater to watch ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ part 1. I had wanted to watch it for a long time. Finally.

Ever since Dumbledore was killed, the people, even Muggles(people who aren’t capable of using magic), had been feeling frightened of the Dark power spreading all over the world. Voldemort, the worst wizard in the history, led his admirers called the Death Eaters. The Ministry of Magic no longer worked properly. The Death Eaters started dividing the people living in the magic world into two groups; pure-blood and others. It was like witch-hunting in medieval times.

Harry Potter, whom the people treated as ‘the Chosen One’, had been being extremely protected by members of the Order of the Phoenix, only one society which could fight against Voldemort and his suppoters. Guarding Harry Potter from the enemies was the first priority and it was Dumbledore’s last words, his testament. All the members tried to save Harry for their own lives. Mad-Eye Moony, Hedwig and… had passed away.

During the enemies’ consecutive attacks, Harry, Hermione and Ron continued searching for Horcruxes even after Dumbledore died because Dumbledore taught Harry destroying Horcruxes was the only way to defeat Voldemort. It was, however, a tough and hard way for Harry. Dumbledore left few clues for Harry. Harry, Ron and Hermionie at first didn’t even know what they should do. They became irritated, splited, and made up again on the way for Horcruxes.

Harry noticed what Voldemort aimed next. It was called ‘the Deathly Hallows’. The strongest wand in the world was one of the Hallows and that was what exactly Voldemort wanted. Harry had had two purposes, destroying Horcruxes and obtaining the wand before Voldemort. Despite their intention, the Death Eaters had caught Harry, Ron and Hermionie and taken them to their house. Hermionie was tortured by Bellatrix, the woman who killed Sirious Black. Hearing Hermionie’s screams, Harry and Ron tried to escape from the basement. In front of Harry and Ron, someone suddenly appeared in order to help them. It was…

(spoiler warning)
I couldn’t stop crying when someone cute died held by Harry. With Harry’s words, ‘I’ll bury him…properly…without magic’ had lost my powers to fight back sobs. Someone’s tennis-ball-like eyes gazed at Harry when he died. His last words; ‘I’m so happy, Harry Potter.’ Oh my God. I nearly cried remembering the scene.

I was surprised at beautiful sceneries in the movie at first. One more thing, I was astonished at several characters. Look at Neville Longbottom. He became so brave in appearance. Draco Malfoy, I think his character through a series of the movies is so complicated as well as professor Snape. He used to be so cool, handsome, good looking, but he had been becoming extremely thinner as the stories went. His sunk cheeks looked as if several ghosts haunted him and absorbed his spirits or energies.

It was a bit bad that the topics about the relationship between Lupin and Tonks, and the marriage between Bill and Fleur, were not enough. Tonks thought of Lupin seriously at the previous story but Lupin hesitated to accept her love because he was a werewolf. Bill fought with a vicious werewolf at the previous story and became extremely injured. These detailed explanations were just omitted. It is one of difficulties for movie directers to decide which episodes to add into the movies and which topics to omit from the movies.

The part 2 of the movie is going to be released in July. I can’t wait.

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