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Every little thing in my ordinary life 36

December 2, 2010 2 comments

a slight head cold
I think I have had a slight head cold. It’s suddenly become chilly around here. That’s why I had a cold.

Harry Potter, finally
Have you already watched the latest movie of Harry Potter? Me, not yet. I’m going to watch it next week in Tokyo after a RAKUGO lesson. One of my friends already watched it and told me that it was so exciting. I can’t wait.

Futsal? Me?
My cell phone rang when I dropped by a drug store. It was from my friend. He asked me what I am doing next Tuesday night. He just tried to invite me to a gathering. He and his friends are going to play futsal at the night. Do you know what futsal is? It is, what we call, indoor football(soccer), a game played by two teams of 5 players. I used to play soccer when I was so young. It’s taken over ten years since I hurt my knee in a game. I just refused to join the activity because of my knee, but he insisted. “You should come and join us. That’s what you should do.”

What will happen to Tuesday night?

Can’t stop reading
Now, I’m reading Dan Brown ‘Lost Symbol’. It’s quite interesting and exiciting. I haven’t got any cue to stop reading it once I start, except sleeping. The story is more rhythmical than the ones of ‘The DaVinci Code’ or ‘Angels and Demons’. I’ve not been getting enough sleep recently. That’s why I had a cold. lol

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