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On bended knee

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I have a friend who has started running of his own business. He learned manipulative treatment after he graduated from an university. I’ve been visiting him regularly for my stiff shoulders. This time, I consulted with him about my knee. As I said at my previous journal, I have a problem on my left knee.

“Let me see…” he examined my knee in a few ways, letting my knees bend or lifting up them. According to him, the inside of my left knee had just been so loosened. It’s taken around ten years without any training since my left knee became injured. That was the problem.

“I’ll show you a paricular consequence due to nothing you have taken care of your knee. Stand up, please. First, please bend your RIGHT knee. See? I’ll put pens in front of your first toe. Remember the direction that your right knee is pointing. Okay, bend your LEFT knee, then. Yes, your left first toe is pointing in the same direction as well as your right first toe was. How about your knee?”

My left knee was actually facing in the different way. My right knee bent straight along with the direction that my right first toe showed. On the contrary, my left knee bent inside. “See? Anyone hasn’t given any adivice how to train your left knee since you stopped going to clinic. You told me that you hurt your knee again when you went skiing, and that you’ve been fearing that you might have your knee injured again since. The fear has made your left knee bend in a distinct way in order to protect your knee unconciously. Don’t worry. Some part of your left ligament was, yes, as the doctor said, hurt, but was still not torn. It’s just lax, loosened. I don’t think you should play futsal so hard for now, at least next Tuesday, but someday, you will become able to do it.” he said it to me and instructed in several way to have my knee strengthened.

Does the day that I become able to play futsal like I used to do truly come? Oops, I’m sure I must be out of breath even though my knee become well. lol

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