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Santa is a graduate of Hogwarts?

December 16, 2010 3 comments

That was the first time I had pretended to be Santa Claus.

I have a friend who teaches English to children. I received an e-mail from her last week, which said that she invited me to a Christmas party. Kids in the class was going to sing Christmas songs, make wreaths, and play games at the party. I have attended the class before. I accepted her invitation and told her that I would be at the party in a Santa Claus costume.

I remembered that one of my friends pretended to be Santa and that he gave Christmas presents to his children. “I believe you still have a Santa Claus costume. I need it.” He gazed at me in amazement with my favor and chuckled; ‘What are you going to do with the costume? I know you are single, no children. No way… You…are in love with a woman who has kids?’ I just left my words ‘no kidding’.

Something unlucky happened at the day of the party. I had been feeling something wrong with my left eye for several days. I abruptly had a pain in my left eyeball. Tears kept welling from my left eye. I rushed into an eye clinic. The doctor told me that my left cornea became hurt. I had my RIGHT cornea injured in March. What a day. Waiting for the medicines to be ready, I said in my heart, ‘what’s taking so long?’

I was supposed to be the place of the party just in time, play games, and put the costume at the end of the party. I mailed my friend that I was going to be late. I had no choice. I put on the costume in my car on the way to the place. When I stopped my car at an intersection, a driver stopping his car next to mine accidentally caught my eyes. I had already become Santa at that time. He was surprised at me and looked away from me. lol

Although I was late, I barely joined in the party. I was quite relieved that they remembered me. My friend didn’t seem to let them know I came to the party as Santa. They were surprised at my costume and asked me where I bought it. lol

One of the kids asked me how Santa Claus was able to enter houses without any keys.

‘Have you ever watched the movies, Harry Potter?’ said I with a serious face.
‘I like Harry Potter!’ said one of the kids.
‘Students of Hogwarts are capable of opening doors with magic, right? Didn’t you know alohomora? Hermione opened a door with the magic. Santa Clause, as a matter of fact, graduated from Hogwarts.’ smirked I.
‘Really???!!! Show me your wand, then.’ said one of the kids in a suspicious voice.

I should have answered like this; ‘Hey, don’t you remember Dumbledore was able to use magic without his wand? Santa Claus is also skilled at using magic without wands like Dumbledore does.’

Anyway, we had a wonderful time at the night. My left eye was so painful, though. 😦

‘When will you come to see us again?’ one of the kids threw such generous words to me. ‘May I join the class again?’ asked I. ‘Yeah. You may come.’ The kid allowed me to attend the class again. Thanks, kids.

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