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Santa is a graduate of Hogwarts?

That was the first time I had pretended to be Santa Claus.

I have a friend who teaches English to children. I received an e-mail from her last week, which said that she invited me to a Christmas party. Kids in the class was going to sing Christmas songs, make wreaths, and play games at the party. I have attended the class before. I accepted her invitation and told her that I would be at the party in a Santa Claus costume.

I remembered that one of my friends pretended to be Santa and that he gave Christmas presents to his children. “I believe you still have a Santa Claus costume. I need it.” He gazed at me in amazement with my favor and chuckled; ‘What are you going to do with the costume? I know you are single, no children. No way… You…are in love with a woman who has kids?’ I just left my words ‘no kidding’.

Something unlucky happened at the day of the party. I had been feeling something wrong with my left eye for several days. I abruptly had a pain in my left eyeball. Tears kept welling from my left eye. I rushed into an eye clinic. The doctor told me that my left cornea became hurt. I had my RIGHT cornea injured in March. What a day. Waiting for the medicines to be ready, I said in my heart, ‘what’s taking so long?’

I was supposed to be the place of the party just in time, play games, and put the costume at the end of the party. I mailed my friend that I was going to be late. I had no choice. I put on the costume in my car on the way to the place. When I stopped my car at an intersection, a driver stopping his car next to mine accidentally caught my eyes. I had already become Santa at that time. He was surprised at me and looked away from me. lol

Although I was late, I barely joined in the party. I was quite relieved that they remembered me. My friend didn’t seem to let them know I came to the party as Santa. They were surprised at my costume and asked me where I bought it. lol

One of the kids asked me how Santa Claus was able to enter houses without any keys.

‘Have you ever watched the movies, Harry Potter?’ said I with a serious face.
‘I like Harry Potter!’ said one of the kids.
‘Students of Hogwarts are capable of opening doors with magic, right? Didn’t you know alohomora? Hermione opened a door with the magic. Santa Clause, as a matter of fact, graduated from Hogwarts.’ smirked I.
‘Really???!!! Show me your wand, then.’ said one of the kids in a suspicious voice.

I should have answered like this; ‘Hey, don’t you remember Dumbledore was able to use magic without his wand? Santa Claus is also skilled at using magic without wands like Dumbledore does.’

Anyway, we had a wonderful time at the night. My left eye was so painful, though. 😦

‘When will you come to see us again?’ one of the kids threw such generous words to me. ‘May I join the class again?’ asked I. ‘Yeah. You may come.’ The kid allowed me to attend the class again. Thanks, kids.

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  1. Your friend
    December 19, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Thank you so so so much for coming to our party as Santa Clause.
    All the kids enjoyed it and I don’t think it could have been as successful without you. Please come join us again anytime you like.
    Thank you again, and hope your eye gets better soon.

  2. Your friend
    December 19, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    Sorry, I misspelled the word Santa Claus.
    I wrote Santa Clause instead of Santa Claus.

    • honeypotter
      December 20, 2010 at 6:04 pm

      Hello, my friend! I just wasn’t able to know who left this comment when this blog told me that I received a comment. 😆

      It was so exciting and fun for me to joing the party pretending Santa Claus. All the kids were so lovely wearing red hats. I just felt like I could have children. 🙂

      I would like to attend the classes again. The kids always remind me of something precious about English.

      My eye is getting better. I’ll go to the hospital on Wednesday to check it again. Thanks for your concern.

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