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Dobby, oh my Dobby…

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I went to the theater to watch ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ part 1. I had wanted to watch it for a long time. Finally.

Ever since Dumbledore was killed, the people, even Muggles(people who aren’t capable of using magic), had been feeling frightened of the Dark power spreading all over the world. Voldemort, the worst wizard in the history, led his admirers called the Death Eaters. The Ministry of Magic no longer worked properly. The Death Eaters started dividing the people living in the magic world into two groups; pure-blood and others. It was like witch-hunting in medieval times.

Harry Potter, whom the people treated as ‘the Chosen One’, had been being extremely protected by members of the Order of the Phoenix, only one society which could fight against Voldemort and his suppoters. Guarding Harry Potter from the enemies was the first priority and it was Dumbledore’s last words, his testament. All the members tried to save Harry for their own lives. Mad-Eye Moony, Hedwig and… had passed away.

During the enemies’ consecutive attacks, Harry, Hermione and Ron continued searching for Horcruxes even after Dumbledore died because Dumbledore taught Harry destroying Horcruxes was the only way to defeat Voldemort. It was, however, a tough and hard way for Harry. Dumbledore left few clues for Harry. Harry, Ron and Hermionie at first didn’t even know what they should do. They became irritated, splited, and made up again on the way for Horcruxes.

Harry noticed what Voldemort aimed next. It was called ‘the Deathly Hallows’. The strongest wand in the world was one of the Hallows and that was what exactly Voldemort wanted. Harry had had two purposes, destroying Horcruxes and obtaining the wand before Voldemort. Despite their intention, the Death Eaters had caught Harry, Ron and Hermionie and taken them to their house. Hermionie was tortured by Bellatrix, the woman who killed Sirious Black. Hearing Hermionie’s screams, Harry and Ron tried to escape from the basement. In front of Harry and Ron, someone suddenly appeared in order to help them. It was…

(spoiler warning)
I couldn’t stop crying when someone cute died held by Harry. With Harry’s words, ‘I’ll bury him…properly…without magic’ had lost my powers to fight back sobs. Someone’s tennis-ball-like eyes gazed at Harry when he died. His last words; ‘I’m so happy, Harry Potter.’ Oh my God. I nearly cried remembering the scene.

I was surprised at beautiful sceneries in the movie at first. One more thing, I was astonished at several characters. Look at Neville Longbottom. He became so brave in appearance. Draco Malfoy, I think his character through a series of the movies is so complicated as well as professor Snape. He used to be so cool, handsome, good looking, but he had been becoming extremely thinner as the stories went. His sunk cheeks looked as if several ghosts haunted him and absorbed his spirits or energies.

It was a bit bad that the topics about the relationship between Lupin and Tonks, and the marriage between Bill and Fleur, were not enough. Tonks thought of Lupin seriously at the previous story but Lupin hesitated to accept her love because he was a werewolf. Bill fought with a vicious werewolf at the previous story and became extremely injured. These detailed explanations were just omitted. It is one of difficulties for movie directers to decide which episodes to add into the movies and which topics to omit from the movies.

The part 2 of the movie is going to be released in July. I can’t wait.

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