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Every little thing in my ordinary life 38

December 25, 2010 10 comments

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, all. How’s your Christmas? Me, I was in my office and worked as usual. However, I just had a chance to put on Santa’s costume again. lol

Let me show you several photos that I took in Tokyo last week. I wasn’t able to take photos of Christmas trees. I hope you would enjoy them instead.


What is he doing? Something wrong with his back?

This illumination reminded me of a movie, ‘CUBE’.


Finished the RAKUGO script
As I wrote about it in my blog again and again, I’m going to participate in a recital of RAKUGO in English. Finally, I’ve finished making the script that I’m supposed to play. All I have to do now is just practice the play over and over so that I become able to speak the lines naturally.

There is a small problem with the script. The topics to make audiences laugh is too trivial to understand. The teacher of the RAKUGO class told me that he didn’t know if the audience would be able to comprehend the topics. I think it depends on a brief introduction called makura. During makura, RAKUGO storytellers have to let audiences know basic words relevant to the main story, sometimes adding anecdotal topics.

I at least have to explain a word ‘boar’ to the audience. Not all audiences are able to understand what the meaning of boar is. ‘How about introducing botan nabe?’ the teacher suggested helpfully. Botan nabe is one of Japanese traditional cuisines using boar meat. One of students of the class let me know a famous restaurant botan nabe in Tokyo. I’m going there in near the future. It would be nice if I post an article about dishes of boars in this blog.

I’m wondering if my friends would give me several chances to rehearse the play.

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