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Maybe the word ‘otaku’ will appear in OALD in the future

January 13, 2011 3 comments

At the end of last year, I had a chance to go to a maid-cafe again. I went there in 2009(This is the article about the cafe). This time, I chose another one.

Once we entered the cafe, one of maids extended her hand and said, ‘You are required to pay money to enter this country’. Country?! This maid-cafe seemed to treat itself as one country. ‘Do I need my own passport?’, I nearly said a totally-like-an-old-man lame joke.

It was one maid’s birthday when we visited. Luckily(?), we obtained a chance to listen to her song. She stood on the stage surrounded by customers who should frequent the cafe, and was singing a song. Another maid was showing off her ota-gei.

Have you ever heard of the word in Japanese, otaku? I don’t know how I could precisely say otaku in English. A nerd? A geek? People who are strongly interested in something, especially things that common people don’t get attracted, such as animations, computer games, etc.? I think people once used the word, otaku, when they were making someone derogatory, however, it would become normal to use the word when you want to admire someone who possesses vast and deep knowledge.

Recently, people has started calling a sort of dance that otaku do ota-gei. It literally means otaku‘s entertainments.

The maid’s ota-gei reminded me of a famous otaku(I don’t know if I should call him otaku), Mr.okailove. He is a famous guy in a specific scene, Nikoniko-douga(footages service on the Internet like YouTube). He uploaded his ota-gei with his friends.

I luckily found out his film on YouTube. Please take a look at it.

Comparing his ota-gei to the maid’s one, I must say her ota-gei was not impressive.

Surprisingly, their each dance has each name. I just checked their names. O.A.D(Over Action Dolphin), Rosary, Thunder Snake, Muramasa, Amaterasu, Electrical Thunder(not an electrical parade in the Tokyo Disney Land), Romance…etc. Sadly, I don’t know the differences on each dance. I don’t know which is which.

His other footage was also broadcasted in Korea. During the TV program, he was taking a bath which was filled with a ton of cokes. I hope people living in Korea would not have a misconception about Japanese customs. Japanese don’t take such a bath.

Getting back to the topic about the maid-cafe. There were a lot of customers at the cafe. Most of them have their own favorite maids. They were happily talking with maids and pleasantly choosing the maids’ photos. Of course they’re NOT for free.

Incidentally, most of maid-cafe forbid their customers from taking photos, and post such cautions at the entrance. For the people speaking English, the cautions are kindly written in English. However, the sentences were full of misspelled words and grammatical mistakes. I should have transcribed them for this artcile. Oh, I have to say that my English is disastrous as well.

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