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Every little thing in my ordinary life 42

January 29, 2011 2 comments

his LEXUS just became useless
I just thought I was able to go home earlier than expected a few days ago, but a phone call from my president didn’t let it happen.
‘Hey, I’m sure you have booster cables. The battery of my car has died. Just bring the cables with you’, said he.
Yes. I used to go skiing until I became 29 years old. I have several things like booster cables in my car just in case. I came to help him at the time that he asked. It was so cold outside.
He was already in front of his car and was waiting for me with perfect winter clothes. I just assumed that it was quite easy to boost the battery, so I thought there should be no problem even if I got out in my coat. That was totally my fault.
‘Pull over your car. No. Don’t reverse, just park your car as it is. The battery is in the trunk.’ said he.
His car, LEXUS LS600, has the battery in the trunk because it is a hybrid car. I just parked my car and opened the hood. All we had to do was just connect both batteries. It was a piece of cake.
‘Actually, I don’t know how to put off the lid.’ said he.
At first, we got off the main board of the trunk and found wrenches at the bottom of the trunk. However, we didn’t know why, we couldn’t take them!
‘Okay, I’ll bring my wrenches in my car.’ I said it to him and brought my wrenches in my car. It was so cold that I also put on my coat. We didn’t know how long it took, but finally, we opened the lid.
‘At last. Oh, watch out for the order to connect the batteries.’ said he.
‘Yeah, I know.’ said I.
His car had finally come back to its life. Anyway, such expensive cars become mere junk as long as they don’t work.

He loves Mike
I have a nephew who is just a year old. My sister wants him to be able to speak English, so she shows him a lot of things in English. His recent favorite is Mike Wazowski, a character of a movie ‘Monsters, Inc.’.

Every time he comes to my home, he says ‘Mike, Mike’ looking at the case of the DVD. He smiles at me mimicing Mike’s phrases, such as ‘Think romantical thoughts, you and me, me and you, both of us together’ or ‘Ooh, the love boat is about to set sail. Bong! Bong!’

Incidentally, he likes Buzz Lightyear, too.


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