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Auspicious numbers can bring ambitious goals

February 4, 2011 18 comments

What’s your lucky number in your country? What’s your jinxed number in your country?

Lucky numbers in Japan
Popular numbers as the lucky ones in Japan are probably seven and eight. I think the number ‘7’ is the lucky number in the western countries as well. I just googled and found it was derived from the happening in the 7th inning when Chicago Cubs won the pennant. We have several words, expressions, or names related to the number ‘7’, such as shichihukujin(the Seven Gods of Good Fortune) or haru no nanakusa(seven spring herbs).

Japanese also treat the number ‘8’ as the lucky number. Let me show you one of the reasons. Please take a look at the kanji of the number ‘8’.

See? You can see it widening toward the end. It is called in Japanese, sue hirogari, which includes a meaning, ‘becoming prosperous, bright future, etc.’. The number ‘8’ is also used in a lot of symbolized words; ‘perfection, all directions, encompassing completely, etc.’.

Let me show several examples. Maybe I’m wrongly translating these words into English. If so, I’m sorry.

By the way, I think the number ‘7’ and ‘8’ are on good terms. Do you play musical instruments? Have you ever heard of the word ‘leading tone(note)’? I’m not so sure, but the 7th tone(B) can lead to the 8th tone(C). Wouldn’t it be natural when you hear chord ‘G’ turning chord ‘C’?(from ‘G7’ to ‘C’ would be much better)

On the contrary, there is a phrase like ‘the seventh sign'(I just remembered ‘Yngwie Malmsteen’ and ‘IRON MAIDEN’). Sorry, I have not learned about it deeply yet.

At the following article on Saturday, I’m going to write jinxed numbers in Japan. Please don’t miss it.

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