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Every little thing in my ordinary life 43

February 11, 2011 36 comments

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

I guess people living in the Western countries give cards or flowers to someone special. On the contrary, in Japan, women give their boyfriends or male friends chocolates, etc.. Japanese women express their affections or gratitude by gifting chocolates.

The first chocolate I was given this year was from my student. Not GODIVA, not MOROZOFF, but a bag of CHOCO BALL. It is one of products for kids which MORINAGA, a Japanese snack company, has been producing for over 40 years.

Actually, I do love this sweet. I don’t need luxurious chocolates.

About 15 years ago, my ex-girlfriend came to see me shouldering something like Santa Claus on Valentine’s Day. A bunch of CHOCO BALL were packed there. She knew what I loved. lol

Here’s an image of CHOCO BALL. They come in several flavors.

The main character to CHOCO BALL, kyoro-chan

By the way, we have another event related to Valentine’s Day in March, which men have to re-gift something to the women who presented chocolates on Valentine’s Day. It is called ‘White Day’. Men have to give the women something valuable which is worth twice or thrice as much as the chocolates. We call such behaviors ‘nibaigaeshi‘ or ‘sanbaigaeshi‘.

A guide simulation at Atsuta Shrine
One of my friend has finally passed one of the most difficult English tests in Japan. We’re going to hold a party to celebrate him next month. I’m planning to guide him and other friends at a one famous shrine in Aichi prefecture, Atsuta shrine.

I think I need time to prepare for it. I hope vicious words “simulation terminated!” would NOT alert me during the guide. lol

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