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Monkey likes eating monkeys

February 12, 2011 4 comments

How come you have to add ‘-s, -es, etc.’ in the third person singular?
One junior high school student just asked me why you needed to add ‘-s, -es, etc.’ on the verbs when the subjects were the third person singular. I didn’t have adequate answers when I was a junior high school student. With his question, I had thought about it and checked it on the Internet for a few days.

Here is the answer I found it natural.

There’s a man whose name was Vipers(Ummm, It’s likely to be used in a movie. ‘Viper’ would be much more famous. Have you ever watched the movie “TOP GUN”? lol).

1)Vipers eat rats.

Yes. Snakes like eating rats.

2)Vipers eats rats.

I would like to ask you, especially people often speaking English in your life, how you would feel from the sentences, or what kind of the thing about ‘Vipers’ you have just imagined from the sentence 2). Have you just imagined a snake? Or something else?

Another example. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Hideyoshi Toyotomi, one of the famous clan masters in sengoku era, had his nickname ‘saru(a monkey)’ when he was a subordinate to Nobunaga Oda. Hideyoshi was always next to Nobunaga and served him. Let me make a fictional conversation between Hideyoshi and Nobunaga.

‘Monkey!(saru) Monkey! Where are you?’ said Nobunaga.
‘Do you want to see me?’ said Hideyoshi.
‘I heard you are good at hunting monkeys. Is it true?’ said Nobunaga.
‘Exactly, sir. Let me give a few hours. I’ll get a monkey for you.’ said Hideyoshi.

A few hours later, Hideyoshi brought a monkey with him.

‘Sir, here’s your monkey.’ said Hideyoshi.
‘Great. Hmm, I’ll allow you to eat the monkey.’ said Nobunaga.
‘Thank you so much, sir. Actually, I do like eating monkeys.’ said Hideyoshi.
‘It’s a bit funny. Monkey(indicates Hideyoshi) likes eating monkeys. Hahaha.’ said Nobunaga.

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