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Every little thing in my ordinary life 45

February 19, 2011 7 comments

Need more experiences
I had an english RAKUGO lesson in Tokyo, which was practically the last one before a recital in March. As I wrote it, I had to revise the entire script because my previous one was not that good and proper for RAKUGO. I showed the teacher my new script at the last lesson. I wondered how the teacher would feel watching my play. He smiled at me and said, “Well done.” Whew.

All I have to do now is keep practicing and obtain as many chances to rehearse my play in front of as many people as I can. I already asked several friends to watch my play, but I think I need more rehearsals.

Being famous and being great are different
One of my friends, who lives in Canada, tried an interview to come to Japan as a teacher. It was easy for her to think that interveiwers would ask about Japan, so she had to prepare for it.

Being online at the day of the interview, she was there. “So nervous” she talked to me and we made sure that what she learned about Japan was correct.

47 prefectures, 4 main islands, famous singers, etc. … she was typing what she learned about Japan and Japanese cultures. “Yes, that’s right” I kept saying such words for a while, but one name just stopped me.

“Wait, who is she?” said I.
“She is a famous singer in Japan, isn’t she? A member of AKB48.” asked she. (AKB48 is a famous group in Japan.)

Tomomi Itano, that was what she said. Actually, I didn’t know who exactly she was.

Tomomi Itano? Not Tomomi Banno?” Japanese readers may already notice my misunderstanding. I just thought her family name was Banno, not Itano. As you know, chinese characters, kanji, have several ways to pronounce. In this case, ita(means ‘wooden board’), it has two ways to pronounce, ita and ban.

“She’s famous, isn’t she? Her first song, Dear J, is famous, isn’t it?” I apparently made her nervous. “Yes, yes, she’s famous.”

In fact, I hadn’t listened to her song before. After the talk with her, I just checked her song on the Internet. It might make her fans angry, but I was totally not able to understand how come many Japanese think it is good. I believe there are a lot of better singers or groups in Japan. At least my friend living in Canada thought it was one of famous songs in Japan. Hmmm. There are a big difference between ‘being famous’ and ‘being amazing’.

Actually, I don’t listen to Japanese pop music very well. It’s not because I hate Japanese songs but because I’ve been learning English and I love English songs. I’m sure we have a lot of great and precious songs in Japan. Such songs will be listened for generations, which can be beyond time. However, I must say, this song is not going to become one of them.

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