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There is luck in odd numbers

February 25, 2011 4 comments

One day, my cell phone rang suddenly and it showed the name of my subordinates. Correctly, he is not my subordinate. He is an employee to our affiliate company. I don’t know why, but he sometimes(not so often) visits my office and talks with me.

“Hello, Honey Potter? This is ***. I would like to invite you to our wedding party.” said he.

Oh… It’s natural for him, who is 26 years old, to get married to someone special.

“Wow! Finally! Of course I do!” said I.
“And one more thing, what will you be doing tonight? I would like to visit your office and give you the wedding invitation with my wife if you have time.” said he in a delighted voice.
“Oh, you two are coming? Okay, I’m waiting.” said I.
About an hour later, he came to my office with his wife.
“This is Honey Potter. He is not my immediate superior, but he has given me a lot of things since I joined the company.” explained He with I-become-over-the-moon words.
“I have heard a lot about you.” said his wife.
“Nothing bad, I do hope.” smiled I.
It had been a long time since I met him, but look at him, he had changed. He exuded confidence. Does becoming a husband and a father in the future make him strong and bold? I just felt my tear almost welled from my eyes. He used to be rather weak. However, such a poor man was gone somewhere.
“Hey, ***, as you said, I’m not your immediate superior. I believe you have a lot of guests you should invite to your wedding party instead of me.” said I.
I had been thinking about it since I received the phone call from him. His next word shot my heart.
“I want you to join the party. I’ve been thinking about it since I started going out with her.” said He.
I was so touched, moved, and amazed.
“Thank you so much. I’m so happy to hear that. Thank you so much. I’m honored to attend the party.” said I.
“Hey, Honey Potter, I would like you to join the small party after the wedding. My wife’s frends are going to come to the party. A bounch of chances are lying ahead of you.” chuckled He.
“Really?! Definitely yes!” said I.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently been busy. I didn’t manage to make out my schedule at the night of the wedding.
“What?! You have a meeting at the night? No kidding?!” one of my friend said to me.
“Yeah, I tried to handle it, but I didn’t make it.” said I.
All the weekends in this month were fulled with lessons and meetings. I had no choice.

“By the way, how much money should I prepare for shu-gi? I’m not his immediate superior.” asked I.
“30,000 yen, in your case. Me, 50.000 yen.” said He.

At wedding parties in Japan, attendees should bring a gift in which money is contained with them. It is called shu-gi. Sometimes, you find it difficult to clarify how much money you offer. 30.000 yen would be fine if you attended your friend’s wedding party. What if you have to go abroad, such as Hawaii or somewhere, in order to attend the party? It definitely depends on the situation and your position to a groom or a bride. You must be careful with the number you’re going to give. Odd numbers, 10,000, 30,000, or 50,000 yen are preferred as shu-gi. Even numbers are not good because they can be divided. The word ‘divide’ easily reminds couples of ‘divorce’.

Don’t show your money as it is in the front of the reception. You need to put your money into a luxury envelop called shu-gi bukuro. One more thing, the bills should be crisp. Every time I am invited to the party, I go to a bank to exchange my bills with crisp ones before the parties.

I don’t know how many times I have attended wedding parties before. Which means, I don’t know how much money I have paid for shu-gi. People call a person like me shu-gi binbou in Japan, which literally means ‘a person has offered much money at wedding parties but hasn’t received any money from anyone yet because he/she is still(maybe forever?) single(or doesn’t hold a wedding party even though he/she gets married)”.

This is a shugi-bukuro.

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