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Every little thing in my ordinary life 48

March 26, 2011 4 comments

A new script for my new RAKUGO play
Although I haven’t written an article about the recital held this month, I just started making a new script for my new RAKUGO play that I’m supposed to show in September. This time, the theme is ‘affairs’, ‘infidelities’, ‘adulteries.’ Hmmm, sounds terrible. One of my subordinates said ‘Not getting married is the best way not to fail in a marriage’ because she has seen a lot of troubles related to divorces during our work. Fortunately, you find it comical when you watch RAKUGO plays even though the theme itself is terrible. Anyway, I think I have to learn many kinds of phrases or expressions that remind you of affairs or something. I would like you to help me.

My iPad can be useful
Finally, I received an iPad. Correctly speaking, it’s not my iPad, but another company’s which I made with my friends. Now that iPad2 has been released, though, I obtained it.

No sooner had I started using the iPad than I found it useful to me. I often go out all day. Yesterday, I had four meetings in a day. How on earth could I possibly mail you? At least the iPad can help me. One more thing, as you know, I often drop by an Internet cafe while I go out so that I browse Internet sites or write articles in this blog. I no longer need to stop by there thanks to the iPad. (I’ll drop by such cafes to read comics. lol)

However, I have one thing annoying me. The cursor! It totally drives me crazy. I’m not good at pointing the cursor on the right places of the screen. I didn’t know how long it took until I had finished just only one mail. I definitely don’t want to imagine me at a restaurant drumming my fingers on the screen of my iPad with irritated feeling. lol

A netbook would be better to be so that I write journals. Having said that, I think that I’m able to use my iPad more effectively and that it is useful to me, as I wrote above.

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Love is not an equation

March 24, 2011 6 comments

Every man is fool, including me.

I have had a friend since I was an elementary school student. He used to be a good soccer player in his high school and junior high school age(Incidentally I used to be a goal keeper at that time). He had noticed a girl gazing at him while he was playing soccer.
‘Hey, H.P., look. The girl over there must have a crush on me. I know it.’ said He.
Unfortunately, she was in love with the captain of the club, not him. My friend was the vice captain to the club, so he was often with the captain. That’s why he thought by mistake that she was looking at him with passion. From this topic, I made a song whose title was ‘mistake.’

Another friend, who runs of his own business, also told me that he had a girlfriend who worked at a pub. From the way she had been treating him, however, I definitely didn’t agree with it. A year later, he knew the truth. At the first line, I said ‘including me.’ I have a similar experience like he did. I was lucky to realize it earlier than him.

You might say, ‘it happens at pubs, but it won’t happen to me because I don’t go to such places. Besides, I’m not so foolish.’ No matter how older you become, such love incidents are lying right in front of you. That’s why I told you every man is fool. Men easily think that someone you have a crush on can easily accept you.

It’s like a chicken-or-the-egg controversy. ‘She was so kind. She treated me as a boyfriend. She stole my heart!’ maybe you might say them. The girl would say ‘I’m just a gregarious, friendly, and kind person. I didn’t say anything passionate at all!’ Yes. However, men can be easily trapped.

Japanese seldom say ‘I love you’ in person to someone that they love. Thanks to my ex-girlfriend who came from other country where people normally say I love you, the phrase ‘I love you’ has already become a custom to me. However, Japanese women also don’t say ‘I love you’ so much. Instead, we often start our relationship with a phrase ‘Now, let’s start our relationship. You’re my girlfriend, and I’m your boyfriend.’ However, some people lie to you with this phrase. You will find it difficult to understand which is truth.

The only way that you can find her words are truth is to see her attitude.

Don’t jump to your conlcusions.

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A SAMURAI coming from overseas

March 19, 2011 6 comments

The chaostic situations have still been going on in Japan. I’ll write an article about the disastrous sistuations later(of course I’ll write an article about my recital in Tokyo). This time, let me show you one topic; I met him in Tokyo at the previous day of the recital.

His name is Indy; the man came from Sri Lanka. I met him at Ikebukuro station. I was holding a suitcase descending stairs. The suitcase was a bit heavy that maybe he might have thought I had difficulty carrying it. He, walking in front of me, glimpsed me holding the case and suddenly grabbed the handle of my suitcase and helped me carry it. ‘Thank you so much for your help.’ said I. ‘No problem.’ he waved me smiling on his face.

I was heading for another station in Ikebukuro, but I felt like smoking suddenly. I just dropped by the place that is allowed to smoke around the station. Surprisingly, he was there. ‘Lucky me.’ I couldn’t help saying it to him. We talked about where we came from or what we did. He told me his name was Indy, so I said, ‘It’s like a famous movie hero: Indiana Jones. Why don’t you wear a hat instead of a cap?’ Actually, he was wearing a cap, not a hat. ‘And how about a whip? Oh, you shouldn’t have a whip in Japan, or you’ll be arrested by police.’ Hmmm, come to think of it, it was such a lame joke.

After smoking, we had the second ‘bye’ each other. I turned around and headed for the another station. Around the ticket gate, I just heard a man talking to me. What a nice coincidence! It was Indy. He also used the same line.

In the train, we talked about a lot of things, especially about Japan. He’s lived in Japan for five years.

The most impressive phrase during his talk was this; he has been thinking that he wants to help as many Japanese as he can because many Japanese used to help him when he didn’t know Japanese language so much. ‘Many Japanese are so kind and have hospitality. They helped me when I was in trouble. So I also want to help someone in trouble.’ said He.

Unforunately, he didn’t manage to come to my recital although I invited him. However, I had a wonderful time with him. I think he has more samurai sprits than I do.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 47

March 16, 2011 10 comments

My extraordinary life
I was back to Aichi prefecture last Monday. The recital of RAKUGO went well; however, several aftershocks have been on and off since the catastrophic earthquake happened around Tohoku area last Friday. As for the recital RAKUGO, I’ll write an article later.

A new earthquake in this region
March 15th is the deadline for filing income tax returns. I was going to do it by last Friday, but I didn’t manage to do it. I barely met the deadline today(I mean, yesterday).

It was 9:30pm when I was home. It happened while I was taking a bath. A new earthquake. It has been said for a long time that another disastrous earthquake will occur in this region someday. I just thought now was the time. Fortunately, it was Not the time. Taking a bath, I just pleaded with something holy, God of Christianity or Buddhism, whatever, for temporary peace until I got out of the bath.

One of my friends living in Osaka just mailed me right after the earthquake happened. He experienced a terrible earthquake happened in Kansai area fifteen years ago, so he just worried about me. I sent him a mail in which I asked him how his business was going. He has been running of his own business.

‘I think we have to work hard so that we support Japan’s economy, but we haven’t been able to receive materials that I ordered,’ said He.

As you know, huge tsunamis hit Tohoku area. You can see the wilderness after the tsunamis. The tidal wave robbed a lot of things: houses, facilities, inhabitants, memories, lives, everything. I don’t know how long it will take to revive the devastated area, though, we need a ton of materials for the restoration anyway. According to him, in order to keep such materials for the devastated area, the shortage of materials has started happening in other regions.

‘Maybe smaller companies in other areas might go down because of the shortage. I’m sure the gorvenment has to do something for the devastated area, but the gorvenment also has to do something for the other area as well,’ said He.

The second effect against normal regions in Japan has probably started eroding as in evacuation centers.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 46

March 11, 2011 2 comments

Finally, I had my hair cut
It took over four months since I had my hair cut last time. Finally, I went to a barber shop. Lying on the reclined seat, I was talking with a hairdresser. Something happened at that time. It was an earthquake.

Tohoku district is a disaster area
Tohoku district is far away from where I live: Aichi prefecture. However, I felt myself swinging on the chair at the moment. TV had just started announcing that an earthquake had happened around Tohoku district. The gorvenment has been issuing tsunami warning. Now many houses in Tohoku district has been swamped.

I have been trying to contact someone living in Tokyo, but signals has been controlled. Shinkansen, the super express in Japan, has stopped working for safeties. I’m going to Tokyo tonight. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to be there. All things aside, I hope everthing is okay.

Anyway, I’ve not packed my belongings yet: kimonos, etc. I’ll do it right now.

EDIT 1(22:00p.m.)
I was going to Tokyo tonight, but all the lines in Tokyo has stopped running. Now, I’m home and knew how disastrous Tohoku area has become. The earthquake is bigger than I expected. I do hope everything goes well.

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