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Religious procedures at shrines

March 5, 2011 2 comments

Rinse your hands in water at tyozuya(temizuya)
You cross your heart after dipping your fingers in holy water when you enter the church. Similar action is also proceeded at shrines. This is one of misogi, which purifies your body and soul.

This is tyozuya(temizuya) where you have to purify yourself.

Each shrine has tyozuya(temizuya) in the premises. You have to rinse your hands and mouth there. Let me show you how to do.

First, ladle water with your right hand. Rinse your left hand in water, shift a ladle to your left hand, and rinse your right hand. And then, rinse your mouth in water with your left hand. Don’t touch the ladle itself with your mouth directly. Finally, get the ladle upright and let water in the ladle flow down the handle, and rinse it in water. That’s all. Remember that you should do these procedures with a ladleful of water.

You became qualified to enter the shrine. Let’s go to the main shrine.

Bow and clap your hands politely at the main shrine

At the main shrine, you should remember this courtesy called ni hai ni hakushu ichi hai(two bows, two claps, and one bow). This action can go well at most of shrines with the exception of several shrines: Izumo Taisha Shrine, Usa Hachimanguu Shrine, and Ise Jingu Shrine.(At Ise Jingu Shrine, it would be okay with you to do a normal procedure.)

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