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Every little thing in my ordinary life 47

March 16, 2011 10 comments

My extraordinary life
I was back to Aichi prefecture last Monday. The recital of RAKUGO went well; however, several aftershocks have been on and off since the catastrophic earthquake happened around Tohoku area last Friday. As for the recital RAKUGO, I’ll write an article later.

A new earthquake in this region
March 15th is the deadline for filing income tax returns. I was going to do it by last Friday, but I didn’t manage to do it. I barely met the deadline today(I mean, yesterday).

It was 9:30pm when I was home. It happened while I was taking a bath. A new earthquake. It has been said for a long time that another disastrous earthquake will occur in this region someday. I just thought now was the time. Fortunately, it was Not the time. Taking a bath, I just pleaded with something holy, God of Christianity or Buddhism, whatever, for temporary peace until I got out of the bath.

One of my friends living in Osaka just mailed me right after the earthquake happened. He experienced a terrible earthquake happened in Kansai area fifteen years ago, so he just worried about me. I sent him a mail in which I asked him how his business was going. He has been running of his own business.

‘I think we have to work hard so that we support Japan’s economy, but we haven’t been able to receive materials that I ordered,’ said He.

As you know, huge tsunamis hit Tohoku area. You can see the wilderness after the tsunamis. The tidal wave robbed a lot of things: houses, facilities, inhabitants, memories, lives, everything. I don’t know how long it will take to revive the devastated area, though, we need a ton of materials for the restoration anyway. According to him, in order to keep such materials for the devastated area, the shortage of materials has started happening in other regions.

‘Maybe smaller companies in other areas might go down because of the shortage. I’m sure the gorvenment has to do something for the devastated area, but the gorvenment also has to do something for the other area as well,’ said He.

The second effect against normal regions in Japan has probably started eroding as in evacuation centers.

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