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A SAMURAI coming from overseas

March 19, 2011 6 comments

The chaostic situations have still been going on in Japan. I’ll write an article about the disastrous sistuations later(of course I’ll write an article about my recital in Tokyo). This time, let me show you one topic; I met him in Tokyo at the previous day of the recital.

His name is Indy; the man came from Sri Lanka. I met him at Ikebukuro station. I was holding a suitcase descending stairs. The suitcase was a bit heavy that maybe he might have thought I had difficulty carrying it. He, walking in front of me, glimpsed me holding the case and suddenly grabbed the handle of my suitcase and helped me carry it. ‘Thank you so much for your help.’ said I. ‘No problem.’ he waved me smiling on his face.

I was heading for another station in Ikebukuro, but I felt like smoking suddenly. I just dropped by the place that is allowed to smoke around the station. Surprisingly, he was there. ‘Lucky me.’ I couldn’t help saying it to him. We talked about where we came from or what we did. He told me his name was Indy, so I said, ‘It’s like a famous movie hero: Indiana Jones. Why don’t you wear a hat instead of a cap?’ Actually, he was wearing a cap, not a hat. ‘And how about a whip? Oh, you shouldn’t have a whip in Japan, or you’ll be arrested by police.’ Hmmm, come to think of it, it was such a lame joke.

After smoking, we had the second ‘bye’ each other. I turned around and headed for the another station. Around the ticket gate, I just heard a man talking to me. What a nice coincidence! It was Indy. He also used the same line.

In the train, we talked about a lot of things, especially about Japan. He’s lived in Japan for five years.

The most impressive phrase during his talk was this; he has been thinking that he wants to help as many Japanese as he can because many Japanese used to help him when he didn’t know Japanese language so much. ‘Many Japanese are so kind and have hospitality. They helped me when I was in trouble. So I also want to help someone in trouble.’ said He.

Unforunately, he didn’t manage to come to my recital although I invited him. However, I had a wonderful time with him. I think he has more samurai sprits than I do.

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