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Every little thing in my ordinary life 48

March 26, 2011 4 comments

A new script for my new RAKUGO play
Although I haven’t written an article about the recital held this month, I just started making a new script for my new RAKUGO play that I’m supposed to show in September. This time, the theme is ‘affairs’, ‘infidelities’, ‘adulteries.’ Hmmm, sounds terrible. One of my subordinates said ‘Not getting married is the best way not to fail in a marriage’ because she has seen a lot of troubles related to divorces during our work. Fortunately, you find it comical when you watch RAKUGO plays even though the theme itself is terrible. Anyway, I think I have to learn many kinds of phrases or expressions that remind you of affairs or something. I would like you to help me.

My iPad can be useful
Finally, I received an iPad. Correctly speaking, it’s not my iPad, but another company’s which I made with my friends. Now that iPad2 has been released, though, I obtained it.

No sooner had I started using the iPad than I found it useful to me. I often go out all day. Yesterday, I had four meetings in a day. How on earth could I possibly mail you? At least the iPad can help me. One more thing, as you know, I often drop by an Internet cafe while I go out so that I browse Internet sites or write articles in this blog. I no longer need to stop by there thanks to the iPad. (I’ll drop by such cafes to read comics. lol)

However, I have one thing annoying me. The cursor! It totally drives me crazy. I’m not good at pointing the cursor on the right places of the screen. I didn’t know how long it took until I had finished just only one mail. I definitely don’t want to imagine me at a restaurant drumming my fingers on the screen of my iPad with irritated feeling. lol

A netbook would be better to be so that I write journals. Having said that, I think that I’m able to use my iPad more effectively and that it is useful to me, as I wrote above.

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