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I need your help

April 1, 2011 8 comments

Let me show you several situations, expressions, or people. I would like to know how you would express them in English. I’m sure different cultures give each language distinct expressions, but give me your hand.

1. a way when you call a young lady, who is a wife to a president
ma’am in a conversational way?

2. a word whose meaning is similar to ‘problem’ but whose pronunciation is closer to ‘affair’
I would like to say such conversation with rhyming;
“Would it be okay with you even if something terrible happened to me after you leave here?” said A,
“Wouldn’t it become a terrible affair if I stay here?” said B.

3. a phrase, a proverb, etc. when you tell your friends to stop loving someone already married
Being in love with someone already married is likely to have no future. It’s like a rat running on racing wheels. Do you have a phrase that you can imply it?

4. an adjective, a noun, for a cheated husband
Simply, a stupid man?

I just wrote several questions tentatively. I guess the more I think of my script the better it becomes. I’m really happy that you help me.

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