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Happy birthday!

April 2, 2011 7 comments

I just noticed that I’ve written articles in this blog for three years. Correctly, the third anniversary will be comming on April 30th. Thank you so much.

I’ve posted over 230 journals in this blog ever since. I don’t know if my English writing skill would become better. I do hope that it would be. I would like you to give me something constructive about my writing skill if you were a frequent reader of this blog. I would like to know my change. I’d like to know which part of mine has been altered.

In this blog, I’ve been posting a ton of trivial topics, such as what I did or tidbits regarding Japan or Japanese cultures. I think I should improve my writing skill much more so that you can find it enjoyable and useful to visit my blog.

Again, thank you for visiting this blog and your understanding for my damn English. 😉

P.S. Hey, when will I post an article about the recital? Hmmm, anyway, wondering if I’ll be able to go to the theater to watch ‘GANTZ’ tonight. It’s up to my tasks that I should manage.

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